Best Macs For Video Editing 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Apple MacBook Pro 16″ 2. Apple MacBook Pro 13″ 3. Apple 16″ MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro Best MAC For Video EditingApple MacBook Pro 13inchApple 16-Inch MacBook Pro

If you’re someone who performs video editing, either professionally or even just as a hobby, you need the right device. You need to consider certain requirements to ensure that your choice laptop is powerful enough to sustain high-resolution videos.

This is where Mac comes in as Apple has long dominated the market when it comes to creatives and video editing. Macs are amazing, they’re stylish-looking, extremely durable, create and offer little to no obstacle to the creative process. What’s not to love?


Video editing is an exhaustive endeavor that takes up long hours. So make sure you go for a Mac that can handle your job with ease. You’ll need to consider your preferences regarding screen quality/size, portability, graphics, keyboard, storage, ports, RAM, etc.

You’ll need to consider your budget based on whether your needs are more professional or you’re making home videos. Without further ado, let’s get into the matter. Here is a list of the best Macs with their prices for your video editing purposes.

Top 20 Best Macs For Video Editing 2021

1. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro Best MAC For Video EditingThe new 2019 MacBook Pro features the largest Retina display ever in a MacBook- a brilliant 16-inch Retina display. The 500 nits of brightness it produces and the P3 wide color gamut enable stunning, true-to-life pictures and videos. Performance-wise, the 16’’ MBP is on an entirely new level, thanks to an improved thermal design. Upgraded thermal architecture with better cooling capacity means faster processing.

The amazing performance is also due to the Intel Core i9 processor that now comes with up to 8 core. This offers a performance 2.1 times better than that of a quad-core Macbook Pro.

Also, this laptop has up to 64GB of 2666MHz DDR4 memory, which means more efficient multitasking.

So whether you’re editing videos, or billion-pixel images, or running multiple apps, you’ll see that this device works smoothly. The AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series delivers spectacular graphics- the most impressive ever in a MacBook Pro. This is owing to the 16’’ MBP’s base model which is over two times faster than one of the previous generation.

The Magic Keyboard is amazing, with a new extension of 1mm key travel for a more responsive and comfortable typing experience. The touch bar provides easy shortcuts, and the touch ID allows fast authentication. The Escape key also makes it so convenient and fast to flip through open applications

The sound is big, rich, and room-filling, with a sharp treble and much better bass. This has a six-speaker sound system instead of the two that the previous generation had. Battery life, while it doesn’t live up to 11 hours as is advertised, is still impressive with over 5 hours. In short, this laptop is undoubtedly one of the best macs for video editing.


2. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro 13inchThis laptop is much more powerful than the MacBook Air, better for video editing and general everyday usage too. The Retina display is brilliant with True Tone technology, 500 nits of brightness, and 25% more colors than sRGB. The color reproduction is excellent and vibrant.

Overall performance-wise, this 13-inch MacBook Pro has less capacity than the 16-inch model. The 16’’ MBP is the more professional of the two, but this 13’’ MBP is still a luxury laptop with high efficiency. Its Magic Keyboard features a refined scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel for a comfortable and quiet typing experience. This is quite an upgrade from the old Butterfly switch Keyboard.

The inverted-T arrow keys enable quick and easy navigation through games or spreadsheets. The Escape key allows the fast and breezy switch between modes and views. The Touch ID offers fast authentication while the Touch Bar provides quick shortcuts front and center.

The laptop offers the most powerful and portable port with Thunderbolt 3. With 4 ports (2 for entry-level), one can charge, transfer data, or output video from either side of the laptop. The new 2021 13’’ MBP offers spectacular performance with the tenth-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processor.

Not only does the upgraded processor offer better compute performance than its predecessor, but it also has better-integrated graphics. This is perfect if you’re planning on doing graphically-intensive work such as video editing. The Intel Iris Plus Graphics provides 80% faster performance during 4K editing and quicker rendering.

The MacBook Pro 13’’ 2021 is truly one of the best mac laptops for video editing. This is perfect if you want something better than the MacBook Air or a cheaper option than the 16’’ MBP.


3. Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro

Apple 16-Inch MacBook ProThe Apple MacBook Pro 16’’ is a serious upgrade over earlier Macs, especially with the Scissor switch keyboard. In place of the old controversial Butterfly switch, this keyboard is much more responsive and offers a satisfactory experience. For people who do a lot of typing, the new, improved keyboard will be a huge persuasive point.

It also offers an immersive screen experience with a stunning 16-inch Retina display. The image resolution is sharp and vibrant. One con is the availability of only four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. This is fine for regular users but since this laptop is aimed at professionals, the lack of ports is disappointing.

Design-wise, it doesn’t look much different from the 15-inch model, which is impressive. Apple managed to fit a larger 16-inch screen into the new MacBook Pro without drastically increasing the overall laptop size. So the portability aspect is still decent even with the larger screen which is great.

This laptop is wonderful for graphics rendering. It can also push for higher resolution without a decrease in performance capacity, unlike the 15-inch model. The performance is great with apps loading quickly and the cooling is impressive with the upgraded thermal design. Media playback is amazing, with images and videos looking brilliant.

The speakers are excellent and create a virtual enveloping effect. This is a result of the installed six speakers that create bigger bass sounds without extraneous vibration. Video editors or music producers may need to add external speakers or headphones. But the laptop’s speakers themselves will do a decent job without additional equipment if one is on the move.

Apple has done a superb job at the sound system. This is undoubtedly one of the best MacBooks for video editing.


4. Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook AirMacBooks are known for their efficiency and smooth user interface, especially if they are used for video editing. This Macbook, the Apple MacBook Air, is a great laptop that is equipped with impressive updates.

This MacBook Air has an amazing design and structure. It’s lightweight and hence can be carried anywhere easily. It is very thin, sleek, and looks pleasing.

Overall, it’s a wholesome and immersive experience, which shows pics and videos in a more detailed manner. The texts and graphics are so clear and vivid that some claim it’s impossible to distinguish virtuality from reality.

Furthermore, usage of True Tone Technology is a testament to the high quality of the visuals. The technology utilizes multichannel sensors to automatically alter the color and intensity of visuals to give it a “natural” look. This feature makes it a fantastic laptop for graphic designers and video editors. It allows them to see their work in the best quality available.

This laptop has a 4-core Intel Core i7 processor and thus, performance is twice as fast. Its keyboard is thoughtfully designed and looks elegant too. It has a scissor mechanism, with a short reasonable distance of 1 mm. Also, it offers 20% larger space for many features like Multi-Touch options.

Accessing the laptop is easy and convenient as well. With just a fingerprint sensor, you can start using the laptop. Its sound and camera options offer a phenomenal experience. The sound volume is larger by a whopping 25% and accurate.

Facetime experience with your loved ones and colleagues will be better and less annoying due to the HD camera. It is equipped with a three-microphone array that captures and relegates sound more efficiently with fewer mistakes.


5. Apple 15.4-inch MacBook Pro Laptop

Apple 15.4-inch MacBook Pro LaptopThis laptop has been refurbished and updated to make it look cleaner and brand new. However, it is a certified refurbished product, which is a safer option. It has undergone a rigorous verification procedure with its functionality tested. It has been sanitized, inspected thoroughly, and repackaged.

This MacBook has a good 2.2 GHz 6-core 8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor. This promises users a smooth user experience and rapid performance. If it does get slow at times, the Turbo Boost feature helps boost performance to a large extent.

Its memory of around 16 GB is great for performing multiple tasks at once. This MacBook Pro has a slim body and has remarkable storage of 256GB SSD storage. The high storage is a great feature, which won’t hinder you from performing your tasks properly.

This MacBook has a Force Touch Trackpad, which works great for controlling cursors precisely. The trackpad can even sense the extent of pressure you’re applying. Its part, the taptic engine, gives valuable feedback in the form of tactile sensations. This instills in you a sense of control as well.

This Macbook is further equipped with features like Retina LED Display, Touch Bar, Touch ID sensor, etc. These features contribute to it being crowned as one of the best Macs for video editing. It will be delivered to your home with the necessary accessories. A minimum 90-day warranty is provided as well.


6. Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarThis MacBook is a remarkable laptop that is blessed with a beautiful combination of features. It has been designated as one of the best Macbook Pros for video editing.

This MacBook Pro is packed with a splendid 16 inch-retina-display. This feature is responsible for giving MacBooks one of the best, most natural looks. The pixels quality is high enough to make users unable to differentiate between virtual and real from far. It emits enough brightness to produce amazing highlights, deep blacks, and vibrant colors.

This Mac is equipped with incredibly fast processors that rank high on performance. It gives you seamless speed and power that is apt for multi-tasking and getting work done swiftly. It is programmed with state-of-the-art next-generation graphics, which gives users a realistic and immersive experience.

This Mac laptop has huge amounts of storage for your apps and personal files. You need not worry about lagging and slowdown, caused by over-saturation. It can keep pixel voltage steady, even when the laptop is in the power saving mode. Also, the quality of the visuals and graphics isn’t compromised on in any way.

The battery life of this MacBook is quite amazing. It saves you the trouble of stressing out over low batteries while you’re working to meet deadlines.


7. Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 64GB RAM, 2TB SSD

Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 64GB RAM, 2TB SSDThis MacBook Pro is by far one of the most powerful and best macs for video editing. It is equipped with a bunch of wonderful new updates. Let’s take a quick look at its features.

This is a far more sophisticated upgrade from the 15-inch model. It has a brilliant Retina display with 500 nits of brightness and the P3 wide color gamut. This combination produces true-to-life, vivid images, and videos that will be just perfect for film editing.

The AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M delivers powerful graphics as the base model is double the speed of the models of the last generation. This enables smooth seamless playback and fast rendering of ultra-high-definition videos. The new Magic Keyboard is also superb as it’s made to feel comfortable with its 1mm travel. The whole typing experience is smooth and fast with the Touch Bar which offers quick shortcuts and inverted-T arrow keys.

It offers a huge amount of SSD storage- possibly the best in any notebook. So you can take large image or video libraries with you should you need to travel and work simultaneously. And with its fast speed, even massive files can be loaded instantly.

All these merits along with the long 100-Wh battery life mean an impressive performance. This laptop is highly durable and can withstand huge amounts of multitasking, streaming, video editing. The audio is rich and amazing with its six-speaker system.


8. Apple MacBook Air MD760LL 13.3-Inch Laptop

Apple MacBook Air MD760LL 13.3-Inch LaptopThe link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee is offered to users, in case they have any issues.

This refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Air, as most Macs, has a good long battery life. It also offers up to 3 times faster WiFi, as it now supports ultrafast 802.11 ac WiFi. It also offers Bluetooth technology so you can connect the laptop to Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers and headphones.

It also comes with two Thunderbolt USB 3 ports. This enables you to easily connect to USB 3 devices and access a pipeline that’s 10 times faster than USB 2. So with just a few connections, MacBook Air transforms from an ultraportable notebook to a complete workstation.

The performance is excellent with the Intel Core i5 and 4GB RAM. This ensures smooth and speedy multitasking and is just perfect for content creation activities such as video editing.

Once again, with this product, Apple never fails to produce amazing sound. It offers clear vocals, powerful bass and accurate synthesizers. Get this laptop if you require a Mac with a solid performance but don’t want to spend an expensive amount. This refurbished item has been commended by customers for being in perfect condition, save for minor scratches.

For such a reasonably priced Mac at half its original cost, this is an amazing deal. It is also one of the best macs for video editing.


9. Apple 13.3-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple 13.3-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch BarThe link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product is backed by the 90-day Warranty Guarantee, given to Amazon Renewed products.

This MacBook Pro has an impressive Retina display which shows images and videos in high quality. True Tone technology is incorporated too. This along with Apple’s T2 coprocessor chip create a dynamic user system for video editors, or graphic designers. The MacBook Pro is super portable and looks effortlessly stylish with a very lightweight feel.

Get this refurbished MacBook Pro for an amazing deal as customers expressed that it arrived in a perfect condition without scratches. It comes in the original sealed Apple box as well. Many reviews also said the product was on its 3rd or 4th battery cycle, which means it’s still really new.

This product is powered by an 8th Gen 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor and 8GB RAM. This ensures smooth and speedy multitasking and allows quick accessing of files, image or video libraries. So the performance is impressive without much lagging even with multiple tabs open.

Fast performance along with a decent cooling system means that this laptop will be perfect for heavy video editing work. While it’s no Magic Keyboard, Apple upgraded a material in its Butterfly mechanism that enables a smoother typing experience. The speakers on the 13.3’’ MBP have powerful bass sounds.


10. Apple 13.3 inches MacBook Air Retina Display

Apple 13.3 inches MacBook Air Retina DisplayThe link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

This 13.3’’ 2019 MacBook Air has a phenomenal retina display owing to its True Tone technology. This laptop also produces beautiful, true-to-life images and videos which will be perfect for video editing. As always, the design on this laptop is aesthetically pleasing with a very elegant, sophisticated look. It is highly portable and lightweight.

The refined 3rd-generation Butterfly keyboard offers Touch ID for easy and quick authentication. The audio on this device is powerful as the stereo speakers come with wide stereo sound. The speakers are clear and deliver sharp clarity.

The battery life is super long and durable. The performance is decent with the Dual-Core 8th-Gen Intel Core i5 processor. However, the dual-core in a 2019 product can feel quite underwhelming and overpriced for some.

However, this is a good alternative if you’re not one for the high price of the MacBook Pros. Even more, this is a refurbished item that promises a solid performance at an affordable price.

It has a fast SSD storage and 8GB memory- not the best memory capacity but still dependable. It is more than suitable for day-to-day tasks and runs nice and smooth. Overall, the performance is adequate and decent but this product’s winning points are the battery life and the beautiful design. Its battery life easily beats many Windows 10 rivals at this price point.


11. Apple MacBook Air 13.3-Inch with Retina Display

Apple MacBook Air 13.3-Inch with Retina DisplayThis MacBook is well-known for its high performance, sleek design, and many thoughtfully designed features. It largely proves the commitment and rigor of Apple to release high-quality technology.

Weighing only 5.1 pounds, this MacBook Air is lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, its portability will be hardly an issue. It is very thin and sleek, giving the overall design of the structure an elegant appearance.

This MacBook is incredibly fast and is apt for performing multiple tasks at once. It is powered by the Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Processor, which gives it massive power and speed. It has an impressive battery life, with the ability to last the entire day. So, if you’re busy attending the super-long meetings or doing intensive work, this MacBook won’t cause you problems.

It is equipped with a marvelous Retina Display which can display images up to a jaw-dropping four million pixels. The high resolution of 2560 by 1600 adds volumes to the visual quality. Overall, it makes for an awesome and immersive experience, especially if you’re into video editing.

The True Tone Technology enables your images and videos to be altered automatically, in response to light and environment. This gives users a hyper-realistic and rich visual experience. Its scissor mechanism of merely a distance of one inch provides for a comfortable typing experience, with no problems.


12. Apple MacBook Air MD711LL 11.6-inch Laptop

Apple MacBook Air MD711LL 11.6-inch LaptopThis Apple MacBook Air is an Amazon Renewed product that still looks new. It is a refurbished product that has been sanitized, inspected for its functionality, and tested rigorously. A warranty of up to 90 days is guaranteed too.

This MacBook is powered and run by 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor and an addition of two independent processors. This will ensure maximum performance, speed, and power. It also means that you will get a seamless interface, with no problems posed to productivity.

The integrated 5000 Graphics Processor gives users a realistic and immersive experience. The high quality of its graphics and visuals gives professional video editors a better experience.

This MacBook has only 4 GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM. It may be too small to contain all your personal files and apps you frequently use. However, it can be upgraded to 8 GB when you purchase it but can’t be upgraded further.

It has a remarkably integrated webcam for face-timing, that allows a high quality up to 720P. It is equipped with a full-size keyboard that is back-lit. This is great when you’re doing your work in the dark as it allows you to see the keyboard. All these features make this laptop one of the best MacBooks for video editing.


13. Apple MacBook Pro MF840LL 13inch Core i5

Apple MacBook Pro MF840LL 13inch Core i5The link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

This 13’’ 2015 MacBook Pro costs more than the 13-inch Air but you’ll find that this product is worth it. Design-wise, the aluminum Pro is thin and light enough to carry around in a messenger bag. This model includes two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card slot on the right. It also has two Thunderbolt 2 ports and a headphone jack on the left side.

The backlit keyboard makes for easy and comfortable typing. It has 1.5mm of travel and requires 60gms of force to press which offers a snappy key response. The keyboard comes with a Force Touch Trackpad that provides different sensitivity levels and clever additional features.

This 13’’ MBP’s high-resolution LED-backlit Retina display is crisp and bright. It also has an integrated 720p FaceTime HD webcam which offers detailed and well-lit visuals. With a 2.7GHz Intel Core i5-5257U processor, along with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, the performance is great. Apple also offers really nice graphics with its integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100 GPU.

All these components allow the MacBook Pro to pack an impressive performance. So it’s easily one of the best macs for video editing.


14. Apple 13in MacBook Air

Apple 13in MacBook AirThe link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product has a 90-days Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which can be availed in case you’re dissatisfied.

With this product, we’re looking at a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 Dual-Core processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD space. Frankly, it is quite out of date compared to most modern laptops but it still packs some commendable features. Let’s take a look at its specifications.

This laptop has PCI-e based flash storage up to 2.5 times faster than previous generation flash storage. It has amazing reliability and is up to 22 times faster than a traditional hard drive. So it’s very quick and easy to start up and launch apps.

The flash storage and long battery life are its key winning points. Apple boasts up to 12 hours of battery life with this product. The battery is super durable and can go hours at a stretch without charging but it also depends on usage. Overall, the device could hold up pretty well to hours of video editing and multitasking activities.

It offers Intel HD Graphics 6000 and connectivity includes 802.11 ac WiFi. It has an LED-backlit display with FaceTime HD camera that offers sharp, crisp visuals. With dual mics and stereo speakers, the audio is decent and clear. In short, this product is much worthy to be included in the list of best macbook pros for video editing.


15. Apple MacBook Pro 13.3in 128GB Flash Storage – 8GB

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3in 128GB Flash Storage - 8GBThe link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of 4 Lane PCI-e based flash storage. It also offers an integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100 graphics processor that shares memory with the system. It features a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5-5257U processor. Dual independent cores on a single silicon chip are also incorporated into this.

This is not as fast as the 7th-gen Intel powered laptops but still provides excellent performance. This is an ultra-formidable laptop with a bright and colorful Retina display. It has a big touchpad, loud and clear speakers and speedy performance all within a lightweight and portable design. What’s not to like?

The display offers rich colors and supports 4K visuals. Also, whether you’re just streaming Netflix or working on video editing, you’ll find the stereo speakers impressive. The backlit keyboard offers good tactile feedback and makes for a comfortable typing experience. Additionally, the Force Touch Trackpad delivers haptic feedback.

The battery life is perfectly durable with the potential to endure long hours of work on it. With such a combination of powerful features, this MacBook Pro is easily one of the best macbook pros for video editing.


16. Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Retina display Intel Core i5

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Retina display Intel Core i5The link to this product takes you to a pre-owned product and is not Apple certified. But the product works and looks new, and has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers. The product has the 90-day warranty guarantee, if and when it fails to meet your expectations.

Like most Macs, the design is super light and slim so the portability aspect is still wonderful. This is a winning point for professionals, students, or people who need to work on film editing on the go. With an 8th-gen dual-core processor and 8GB RAM, this 13.3-inch Mac is equipped with faster hardware than most.

With the latest improved Apple keyboard, the typing experience is greatly responsive and comfortable. It also has Touch ID built in which allows quick login with your fingerprint. This is a fast, time-saving feature that truly makes logging into the MacBook Air effortless and speedy.

The speakers are comparatively improved. Even if it doesn’t rival a proper stereo set-up, it offers a wide stereo sound that has a powerful range. This kind of clear and good quality audio is rare to find on slim and light laptops like this MacBook Air.

The impressive audio, along with the stunning Retina display, means that this laptop would be great for video editing purposes. This truly makes it one of the best imacs for video editing.


17. Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – 9th-Gen 8-Core Intel i9, 1TB SSD

Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar - 9th-Gen 8-Core Intel i9, 1TB SSDThis laptop is a powerful device, incredibly well-suited for intensive video editing purposes and general everyday usage. It can easily make it to the list of the best imacs for video editing. Let’s go through a quick breakdown of its unique features.

This 16’’ MBP has a wonderful Retina display backed up by True Tone technology. The high-resolution screen quality is perfect for vivid visuals and video editing purposes. It has an AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M which provides excellent graphics. Its base model is much better than the previous generation’s.

This means that it supports quick rendering of high-definition videos and offers smooth playback. Overall too, this 16’’ is a far more improved device compared to the 15-inch model. The keyboard is convenient with the Touch Bar which allows quick shortcuts and you can flip through different modes easily. It also has Touch ID with which you can log in speedily with your fingerprint.

This product additionally has an ultrafast SSD which can be really good for speedy performance. It enables fast boot times and quick file transfers. The battery life is long and enduring. The six-speaker system delivers powerful rich sounds with additional force canceling woofers.

This laptop is a powerhouse of durable components so it is perfect for streaming, multitasking, video editing, and daily usage.


18. Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL

Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LLThis MacBook is an Amazon renewed product and not an Apple-certified product. However, it has been rigorously tested, inspected, and sanitized according to strict Amazon standards. It will come with other accessories, which are not new but fully functional. A full refund policy is provided too, if it’s returned within a window period of 90 days.

This MacBook has a remarkable battery life, which can last you for long hours. This is a great feature if you spend a good chunk of your time traveling or do intensive work. This feature helps you be productive for long stretches without worrying about your battery continuously.

This MacBook has a long standby time as well. This allows you to return to your work, right where you left off. This is perfect for accomplishing multiple tasks all at once.

Powered by the fifth-generation Intel Core i5 Processor, this MacBook is packed with high performance and massive power. This means that you can carry on with doing your work without lagging issues or slowdowns.

Its visuals are run by Intel HD Graphics, which gives you high-resolution viewing experiences. The overall experience is totally immersive and multi-dimensional. If you’re into video editing, this is fantastic as it allows you to view your work in a high quality.

Everything that you do on this laptop from browsing and WiFi speed, is extremely fast and smooth. This MacBook is slim and sleek, which gives it an elegant design. With an impressive set of features, this is one of the best MacBooks for video editing.


19. Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL with 8GB RAM

Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL with 8GB RAMThis MacBook Pro is a refurbished product as part of the “Amazon Renewed” Program. It has been put under a rigorous diagnostic test with inspection and verification completed. The defective parts have either been replaced or repaired, making it look brand new. If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can avail the 90-day warranty and replacement program.

It has a Jaw-dropping memory speed of 2.5 GHz, which ensures high performance in key areas. Its graphics quality is one of the highest and assures users a wonderful user experience. It weighs merely 1.3 pounds, which makes it apt for carrying it from one place to another.

This MacBook has an impressive rear webcam resolution of 2 MP, which is perfect for video calls and FaceTime. It has a huge memory size of 512 GB, which is a great feature for intensive work.


20. Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Core i5

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Core i5This MacBook is an Amazon Renewed product, which has been replaced and inspected thoroughly. However, it looks brand new and has good functionality. It scores well on key parameters like performance. Storage, heating/cooling, memory, etc.

This MacBook has impeccable Graphics, owing to its Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 of a whopping 64 GB. DRAM has also been embedded into it, making task completion easier and smoother. This feature ensures an immersive and impressive experience for you while watching, editing videos, etc.

This MacBook Pro has an impressive 8 Gigabytes of Memory. This gives you a smoother and faster user experience as you won’t need to worry about less memory for your files. It gives you ample time and opportunities to work on multiple tasks without compromising your speed and productivity.

It is powered and driven by the 2.3 GHz dual-core i5 Intel Core Processor. Combined with a whopping turbo boost of up to 3.6 GHz, this allows you to maximize your performance. This MacBook has a bright and vibrant display and a high-resolution 2560×1600 Retina Display. It is considered one of the best Macs for video editing for good reasons obviously.


Factors To Be Mindful Of While Buying Best MAC For Video Editing

It is a fact that some laptops are better suited for other uses than others. This is true, more so especially if you’re looking for a laptop to edit videos. There are some parameters like Graphics, Performance, etc to get your desired laptop.

1. Graphics

Graphics are very crucial for someone who edits videos and does graphical design. He/she needs to pay close attention to how good the graphics of a certain laptop are. For this, it is better to go to a shop directly to gauge its graphics quality.

2. Performance

The performance of a certain laptop depends on its processor. Most MacBook Laptops have i3, i5, or i7 processors, with i7 being the best. Keep a close watch on this feature to understand how well and how fast your laptop functions.

Best Macs For Video Editing – Your pick?

MacBooks are an amazing choice for doing various complicated tasks. However, all of them aren’t the same and it’s important to dig deeper into their minute features. Some Macs perform better in some key areas while faring poorly in other areas. The market is too huge and hence, overwhelming for customers.

Therefore, it becomes important on your part to do your research and get help online. What we have outlined above can be taken as the foundation and crucial factors to help you decide. Since buying laptops is a long term investment, it becomes furthermore crucial to find the laptop of your choice.

FAQs on Macs For Video Editing

Q1. Are Macbooks Good For Video Editing?

Yes, MacBooks are good for video editing. Most of them are equipped with good graphic processors and provide users with beautiful realistic experiences. They are perfect for video editing as they give you the chance to see your work at its best.

Q2. Which Macbook Works The Best For Video Editing?

All MacBooks are good for video editing. However, there are some that perform better in this regard. If you want the best MacBooks for video editing, check if they have features like Retina Display with True Tone Technology, great Graphic processors and cards, etc. In recent times, the Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch is said to be the best for video editing.

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