Best Stylus For Drawing 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. JAMJAKE Stylus Pen 2. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen 3. MEKO Universal Stylus
JAMJAKE Stylus Pen Best Stylus For Drawing Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen MEKO Universal Stylus

For people who prefer writing on their iPad the old school way or simply find stylus pens cool, it’s an amazing instrument as it is. It allows you to do a lot of menial tasks but those aside, stylus pens are great for digital drawing and graphic design. The only problem is that there are so many kinds in the market with different drawing styles, that it’s hard for a beginner or even a regular user to determine the right one. That’s why we have a list of the 10 best stylus for drawing, to help you make a faster choice.

Top 10 Best Stylus For Drawing 2021

1. JAMJAKE Stylus Pen

JAMJAKE Stylus Pen Best Stylus For Drawing

From Jamjake, this stylus pen is geared towards the iPad series. Yet, it isn’t compatible with every iPad model. Some of the models it is compatible with are all released in 2018 and 2020. These are iPad 7th Gen, iPad 6th Gen, iPad 8th Gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Air 4th Gen, and iPad Pro iPad 11″ and 12.9″.

Among the iPad it isn’t compatible with is iPad Pro 1st and 2nd. It isn’t compatible with earlier versions of iPad along with iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 9.7”. It certainly isn’t compatible with earlier versions of iPhones, android and Microsoft devices.

The pen tip is 1.55 mm in diameter with a fine point. There is no lag visible with the device along with any kind of breakpoints when drawing. The sensitivity rate is particularly high.

It also comes with palm rejection technology. So, while you are using the pen, even if your palm touches the screen, it won’t affect the screen. As long as the iPad has a glass screen protector, you are good.

As it works on batteries, after charging it for 90 minutes, it will work for 20 hours without any problem. If it stays idle for 5 minutes, the pen automatically goes into sleep mode to save power.


  • 1.5 mm pen tip
  • Sleep Mode for power saving when inactive
  • Palm rejection technology
  • No lagging
  • Longer working hours


  • Needs charge to work
  • Is only compatible with specific iPad models


2. Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

From Mixoo, this stylus pen is compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices. Stainless steel and aluminum make up the build with no plastic part. There are two ends on the pen. There is one fiber tip and another silicon disc tip. The end tips can be replaced if the tip breaks off or is destroyed after a while, though that shouldn’t be the case.

The package mainly consists of 1 stylus, an extra fiber mesh tip for a replacement along 2 replacement disc tips. While it’s for the best that the original fiber and disc tip don’t sustain damage any time soon, you have replaceable tips at your disposal if it does happen. The brand also packs the package in a fancy box for storage.

As the disc tip is transparent, it allows you to look exactly where the pen is pointed at the screen. You can refine your writing or draw with a certain level of accuracy through this feature. The grip is rubber grooved, which allows you to have a firm hold on the pen. The screw cap comes with a clip so you can either clip it to a case or secure it in your pocket.


  • High Precision
  • Rubber grooved grip
  • Replacement tips available in the package
  • Palm rejection gloves
  • Compatible with all devices


  • Nibs are a little short
  • Fine tip instead of a brush one


3. MEKO Universal Stylus

MEKO Universal Stylus

From Meko, this one comes with two styluses. There are 4 replacement disc tips included in the package as well as two fiber disc tips. The disc stylus feels a lot like a fine point stylus though the disc tip stylus is certainly not one. The two styluses are made with stainless steel and aluminum. It pretty much feels like an actual pen when you hold it.

The clear disc allows you to see the places where the tip is touching the screen. You can create more detailed and accurate sketches due to this feature. As for the kind of screen this pen can work its magic on, it is actually compatible with all kinds of capacitive touch screens. From Apple, iPhone, iPad to our beloved Kindle for highlighting, these two pen works on all of them.

Those who want a stylus for the drawing will especially find it useful. The accuracy level can be deemed high and the stylus is extremely touch-sensitive. It helps that you can pretty much use it on any kind of device. You don’t have to pair the stylus either nor is there any battery needed for it to work. All you have to do is twist the cap off.


  • No charge needed
  • Good accuracy
  • Compatible with any capacitive touch screen device
  • The tip can be replaced
  • Feels like an actual pen to the touch


  • Not a fine point stylus
  • Some customers appear to not like the disc tip


4. ANKACE Stylus Pen

ANKACE Stylus Pen

The Ankace stylus pen is compatible with iPad & iPad Pro. In general, it supports all 2018 iPad models along with the ones released after it. It supports Apple iPad 7th generation, Apple iPad 6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, and iPad Mini 5th Gen. It won’t work on regular Microsoft, Apple, or iPhone devices.

The stylus pen also comes with palm rejection technology. If you want to rest your palm on the screen for better access while drawing, you don’t have to worry about your palm messing up something with the screen. The rejection technology also does away with the need for an anti-friction glove.

The tip is 1.2 mm with no lag or sudden break-offs while you are drawing. The tip is also soft enough to ensure you don’t leave behind any scratches on the screen. It registers the gentlest of touches and you don’t have to put any kind of pressure.

There is also the beloved tilt function by the artists. The more you tilt the pen, the thicker the line produced on the screen appears. After 90 minutes of charging, it will work for 20 hours straight. If not used, it will be on standby for 90 days.


  • Palm rejection technology
  • Activated on touch
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Tilt function which makes it easy to draw with
  • Durable purchase


  • Relies on battery
  • Not compatible with all iPad devices


5. Evach Active 5th Gen Stylus Digital Pen

Evach Active 5th Gen Stylus Digital Pen

The Evach stylus has a stylish design along with a light body and ultra-fine tip. The stylus doesn’t require any kind of Bluetooth connection or any other pairing for it to work. It’s a matter of touching a button and the stylus will be activated.

The built-in battery takes 60 minutes to reach full charge with the help of a USB cable. After reaching full charge, the stylus pen can work without a hitch for 8 hours. While there are certainly stylus pens with better battery life, all of them don’t have the precision and responsiveness of this stylus pen.

If the pen is inactive for too long, it will shut down automatically after 30 minutes for both power-saving and safety reasons. That is why it’s also recommended that you don’t use a fast charger. A fast charger has high frequency, which can damage the chip of a stylus pen.

If you tilt the stylus a little, you will notice better performance on the screen. This falls in line with how most people draw with their pen anyway. The buffer until at the tip gives the control and precision you need.


  • No BlueTooth connection needed
  • Buffer unit for tip design for better control
  • Lack of resistance while writing and drawing
  • Auto shutdown after thirty minutes in case of inactivity
  • Good length of the pen for holding


  • Not compatible with all devices
  • Battery life isn’t that long


6. JOYROOM Stylus Pen

JOYROOM Stylus Pen

While it doesn’t have direct palm rejection, the gloves that are available with the package are anti-friction. They also had the good sense to prove gloves for both left and right hand, in case the person using the pen is left-handed. The performance of this pen is truly smooth on iPad and other capacitive touch screen devices. It has a great responsiveness rating and it truly feels like you are drawing on paper instead of a digital screen.

The clear disc allows you to have a better view of the screen and get a good idea of exactly where the pen is touching. Your art is perfected as it can be with the Joyroom stylus pen. It is also a lightweight pen that’s easy to hold on to. While the grip isn’t exactly firm, it will not slip out of your hand either.

If you are planning on giving it as a gift, it is the perfect one to give to teenagers who are into art or serious calligraphy. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the pen either. It will even work on Huawei tablets.


  • No batteries needed
  • Palm rejection gloves for artists
  • Compatible with any kind of touch screen device
  • Lightweight
  • No lagging


  • Slim but too long according to some
  • Not meant for a young kid as the disc can be pulled if one’s too careless


7. XIRON Rechargeable Stylus Pen

XIRON Rechargeable Stylus Pen

Even the design for something as simple as the stylus pen has gotten better and better over the years. In the case of this one, it has two tips. One is a mesh tip and another is an ultra-fine copper tip. The tips are 1.5 mm in diameter.

While you need electricity for the ultra-fine copper tip, the mesh tip can be used without any electric connection. It’s a sensitive pen with no difference in sensitivity between the tips. The lines are all thick and easy to form on the screen in each case. All you have to do is press a single button and the pen will start working. It doesn’t have to be paired with the device. If you tilt the pan slightly, you will get better access to the screen.

After charging the pen for 60 minutes, it will work for 8 hours. If the pen isn’t used after turning it on for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut off. The pen can also be on standby for 30 days. The company provides technical support for a lifetime once you purchase the pen.


  • Gloves provided for palm rejection
  • Easy to use with the press of a button
  • Battery stays on standby for 30 days if pen isn’t used
  • 18 month worry free
  • Lifetime technical support


  • The battery isn’t long-lasting
  • No palm rejection


8. KSW KINGDO Rechargeable Stylus Pen

KSW KINGDO Rechargeable Stylus Pen

This stylus pen is compatible with any IOS device. Be it iPad Pro or iPhone XS, the stylus pen will run smoothly on the screen. The pen doesn’t have to be paired with the touchscreen device through Bluetooth or other drivers. The touch of a button usually turns the pen on.

A micro USB cable is included in the package to let you charge the device. On a single charge, the stylus pen works for 10 hours. The 1.4 mm fine tip seems to provide the precision you are looking for to complete your wonderful sketches. A pencil holder is also included in the package where you can keep your stylus pen safe.

Another wonderful thing about the stylus pen is its design. It’s a light and slim model and looks more like a pencil than a stylus pen. It will make you feel like you are actually sketching with a pencil when using it.

The brand is also quite confident about its product. They have a 30-day money-back policy in case of the damaged product and a 12-month replacement warranty scheme.


  • Bluetooth or any other driver isn’t needed
  • 12-month replacement warranty
  • Compatible with all IOS devices
  • Extremely precise
  • Ergonomic design


  • Works on battery
  • Fine tip instead of brush stylus


9. Yacig Capacitive Stylus Pen

Yacig Capacitive Stylus Pen

This stylus pen actually has 4 tips. There’s the disc tip for precision, fiber tips that are replaceable, and two rubber tips of two different sizes. The package itself consists of the stylus pen itself along with an extra set of tips, ink refill, and a leather case for safekeeping.

If you are wondering what the ink refill is for, well, it’s because despite it being a stylus pen, you can actually use it as an ordinary pen and write with it on paper. The small rubber tip allows you to touch hyperlinks or small icons that aren’t usually easy to select.

It doesn’t need any kind of battery and is an extremely lightweight pen. It is made to fit into your hands. The built-in clip allows you to carry it around in your pocket. You can even attach it to your tablet case.

As always, the clear disc allows for super sensitive reading and lets you see where the pen it touching better. On the other hand, the larger rubber tip allows you to make some nice color strokes while sketching.


  • Compatible with all touch screen device
  • Includes 4 kinds of touch tips
  • Can even be used as an ordinary ball point pen
  • Precision with disc and high sensitivity
  • Lightweight and slim


  • The conducive hard plastic disc needs to be cleaned regularly
  • Tip unscrews sometimes


10. Adonit Note (Black) Stylus Pen

Adonit Note (Black) Stylus Pen

This premium aluminum build stylus pen is compatible with most iPad devices. Even just looking at the pen, you can tell it is meant for drawing. The design is extremely attractive and has a sleek, ergonomic feel to it.

The pen doesn’t require any kind of Bluetooth connection. It mostly runs on battery. The accuracy level is dubbed quite high. The charging time is surprisingly low. While the pen can run for 12 hours on a full charge, the surprising thing is that a 4-minute charge can ensure the stylus works for 1 hour.

Natural palm rejection is another one of the best features of the stylus. If you are going to be drawing, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t help if the screen registers a touch every time your palm touches it while you are drawing.

It is compatible with several note-taking and drawing apps. It can work on Evernote as well as it can work on Photoshop sketch, Pixelmator, etc.


  • No Bluetooth connection needed
  • Extremely high accuracy
  • A 4-minute charge guarantees 1-hour use
  • Natural palm rejection
  • Premium aluminum build


  • Reliant on battery
  • Tilt isn’t supported


Why Do You Need A Stylus?

Why do you need a stylus? The stylus is mostly created for touch screen devices or for those that have stylus enabled. So, even if you are buying a stylus for drawing, it has multiple advantages. For one, operating a device is easier with a stylus than your fingers if you have to use the touch screen extremely frequently. Especially if you are writing something, using the keyboard on the device by tapping on them with your fingers can get tiring after a while.

The stylus also tends to have higher precision than regular touch. There are chances of you tapping on one app and having another app acting up because some other parts of your hand touch that app. In general, the precision can be compromised due to oil or other kinds of moisturizer or sweat dripping from your fingertips. You don’t need to worry about that happening with a stylus. Overall, the control you have on your touch device is higher with a stylus.

Also, that constant cleaning you have to do because your fingertips are touching the screen and leaving a mark behind? Well, that’s gone for now. You don’t have to use your fingers when it’s cold either, you can simply replace it with a stylus. People with orthopedic problems also find it easier to use a stylus for the apps.

And of course, the most important part. For digital artists, Stylus is the best alternative. You could be anywhere in the world. As long as you have your device and stylus with you, you can create the perfect digital artist.

Factors To Determine The Best Drawing Stylus

Trying to take notes or draw without a stylus on a touchscreen is simply a waste of time and effort. There are some factors that will help you determine the best stylus for drawing among all the different options available in the market.

1. The Purpose

There’s actually an absurd amount to choose from when it comes to the shape and size of styluses. The regular ones have rubber tips so that your screen is protected and the price range can go from completely inexpensive to a medium-high amount. There are some particularly distinct ones targeted towards certain users.

For one, flat tip or rounded end ones. This one’s meant to mimic the movement of your fingers. As such, it is mostly for regular use and if you don’t need a stylus for one specific thing, this is the one you might opt for. The blunt end does lead to some restrictions when it comes to working on some finer details.

Then, there’s the fine tip or nib end. When you usually try to imagine a stylus, this is probably the one that comes to your mind. The fine tip allows you to do your work with more detail. Whether it is something like typing with the help of an on-screen keyboard or doing a mini sketch for coloring work.

Then, there’s the brush-style stylus, made completely for artwork. These are the high-end styluses, made so that it can be used on art applications. The sketches can be refined to a great degree with them, along with allowing you to create drawings comfortably in general. There’s variety in art stylus depending on the art application of your choice. And while you can certainly use a brush stylus on your device, it is specifically made for art applications and that’s where it works best.

If you don’t have the right application, the stylus might be nothing more than a replacement for your fingers. If you do have the right app, say something like Sketchbook Pro, the usefulness of the brush style stylus really shines through.

Then, there’s the extravagant multifunctional stylus. These ones can have different pen colors or even laser pointers.

2. The Screen Type

If you have already used a stylus before, you might already know this. Or maybe you are even considering borrowing a stylus from your sibling for your device. Well, good chances are that those styluses won’t work on your device. This is because the type of styluses that works on a device changes based on the kind of display it has.

There is a resistivity touchscreen. This kind of display has several layers of plastic as its composition and can only read one input at a time. Therefore, the pressure has to be steady for the resistive touchscreen to dub it as input and work.

Capacitive touchscreen has glass layers which are then covered with a transparent, conductive substance. The rate of input acceptance is high in this case and multiple touches at extremely short intervals are accepted, which isn’t the case for resistivity screens. You also don’t need to apply much pressure. The gentlest of touch will get the apps working. Overall, they can be considered faster than resistivity screens. In the case of a capacitive touchscreen, the kind of stylus you are looking for has to be conducive.

3. The Comfort Level

Shape, sizes, grip, stylus pen are available in a scary amount of variety. So, before you buy one, you need to make sure the one you are opting for is easy to use for you. Especially if you are buying a stylus for drawing, you want comfort to be a top priority.

If your hand starts feeling tired than usual after some time while you are drawing or it feels like you don’t have the control over the pen as you would want, then you certainly haven’t bought the right stylus. Not only are you drawing, you are doing it digitally. You want your entire self to be relaxed as possible to actually be able to show your drawing skills.

So, for one, the stylus you are buying should be you are able to hold with ease. The pen shouldn’t be something that feels like it will slip from your hand any second. If your fingertips are a little sweaty, it shouldn’t affect the stylus. The grip should still be strong. And most importantly, the tip should be a suitable one that will match your sketching style.

4. Durability

It gets annoying at a certain point if you have to replace your stylus every other day. If you don’t buy something that is long-lasting, the cost you will incur over time will eventually turn out to be way more than buying an expensive one at once. If the tip is faulty, it can even leave scratches on the device. The touchscreen might stop responding altogether due to the sloppy tip.

In general, this shouldn’t be a problem with a drawing stylus. They are usually high-quality materials and tend to be splendidly durable. The tip is brush style, which is specifically for drawing so it tends to stay longer. In the case of brush style stylus, the more expensive it is, the lesser chances are of it getting damaged. You want the highly performative ones. You want your work to be as easy as possible and for that, you need ease and durability.

5. The Storage

Of course, we can’t forget about the storage part. You need to consider exactly how will keep these high gadget pens safe. If it’s a magnetic stylus, you could attach it to the device itself. There are some styluses that have hoops along with them in the package, so you could just hang those pens. You can also use clips to keep a tab on the styluses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Is A Stylus?

A stylus is nothing more than an accompanying gadget for touchscreen devices. They are shaped like a pen and are often called stylus pens. They essentially replace your fingertips as the main touch source for operating on a device. You hold the stylus as you would a pen and instead of paper, you use it on a smartphone or tablet. Unlike pens, it doesn’t need ink. There are some stylus pens that require charge though, as they operate on a battery. The battery in this case is due to some high functioning features such as a laser pointer mechanism on the pen.

Q2. How Does A Stylus Work?

The workings of a stylus is impressive to say the least. Your fingers will be replaced by the conductive foam or rubber material at the tip of the stylus. Screens have sensors that allow them to locate activity taking part in different places of the screen. So, when a stylus touches the screen, the sensors detect them. Here’s the thing, the screen doesn’t understand every time a random object touches it. It is mainly made to detect the touches of our fingers or in some cases, water droplets. Stylus has conducive material that bypasses this problem and allows the screen sensors to register the touch as a valid one.

Q3. Is It Really Of Any Use To Replace My Fingers With A Stylus?

Have you ever looked at your touchscreen device in good lighting and got amazed at the smudge marks? Well, those are the trails left behind by the sweat in your fingertips. Sometimes your device simply collects scratches or even cracks due to your fingernails or too much pressure. A stylus helps get rid of all those problems. More than anything though, if you want to do something like writing the way you do on a paper, Stylus allows you to transfer your writing style digitally instead of you having to take a picture and scan it of your handwriting. The same applies to drawing. In fact, some stylus pens are geared towards drawing. They allow you to showcase what you would have with a good pencil, drawing pens, and paper in the digital space. If you have ever looked at a webtoon and wondered how they do the drawing and if they just scan the drawing every time, these drawing styluses are your answer. So, maybe you simply want to be able to use your touchscreen device while you have gloves on or you want the screen to be scratch-free or you simply want to draw digitally, replacing your fingers with a stylus certainly has its use.

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