Best Mouse for Photoshop 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Logitech MX Master 3 2. VicTsing MM057 3. Logitech M570
Logitech MX Master 3 Best Mice For CAD Logitech M570

When it comes to Photoshop, precision is very important when mastering photo editing and graphic design. This precision cannot be achieved via touch based input methods such as trackpads. You will find that most professional choose to use a some of the best mouse for photoshop in most of their design work as it provides unmatched precision.

Picking any random mouse however, will not provide you the best experience if you want to do photo editing. There are many factors which need to be considered when picking a mouse such as the sensor’s tracking speed, customizable / additional keys. Ergonomics are particularly important as it ensures that you don’t get wrist ache or CTS. 

The fact is, any consumer can get overwhelmed and confused due to the huge choices in the market. Even the descriptions available on Amazon or online retail websites are filled with technical jargon that isn’t understandable.

In light of this situation, we decided to search the market for the best mice and test them rigorously. After a detailed analysis, we have picked up some of the best mouse for Photoshop.

Top 10 Best Mice For Photoshop 2021

1. Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3 Best Mice For CAD

Logitech is a company that has been producing a lot of high-end consumer electronics. These electronics add to your entire viewing experience on your laptops or desktops. It has been producing headsets, keyboards, mice, webcams, etc., which are well-known for their great functionality.

This mouse is wireless, which is a great feature for easy and smooth navigation. You won’t have to deal with the hassles of dealing with a wire when you’re working or gaming. This mouse has an impressive MagSpeed scrolling feature, which allows you to scroll a whopping 1000 lines per second.

Its scroll wheel is so advanced, and its precision and accuracy levels are very high. This means that this mouse allows you to work 90% faster in hyper scroll mode and 87% more precise. Also, unlike other mice in the market, this mouse doesn’t emit annoying sounds that can distract you.

This mouse has a silhouette that has been specially designed for your palm to fit. This allows you to work productively and efficiently and even complete your work on time. Also, it has intuitive thumb controls like the front/back and gesture buttons, which are placed in ideal locations.

This mouse has a feature that allows you to make customizations that are specific for different apps. This allows you to complete your work faster in apps like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, Safari, etc. Since this mouse is flow-enabled, you can easily control many computers across different operating systems like macOS and Windows.

If you want to transfer text or essential documents from one computer to another, this mouse allows for quick transfer. This mouse will enable you to simply copy the important documents and files from one computer to another. This mouse can be used on many surfaces to track and has an impressive precision level of 4000 DPI.

Because of an impressive list of features, this mouse is indeed one of the best mice for Photoshop.


2. VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse

Logitech’s M570 is a one-of-a-kind wireless mouse that comes with an external trackball that is rather convenient for photoshop. As with all Logitech products, this mouse delivers top-class quality and performance.

Unlike regular computer mice, the M570 allows you to control and perform operations without moving it around. The external trackball is stationary and can be moved using your thumb. The sculpted right-handed mouse provides ultimate levels of comfort for your hand and lets you work at a stretch without causing discomfort. It is ideal for people with limited working spaces who do not have the liberty to move a mouse around.

The mouse can be connected to any desktop or computer via the Logitech Unifying Receiver. This wireless receiver stays in place and quickly connects to the mouse as soon as the computer is switched on. As many as six compatible devices can be connected to the computer via this receiver.

With 18-month battery life, Logitech’s M570 offers precision control and remarkable speed. The advanced speed of 2.4 GHz results in fast data transmission and accurate relaying of information without delays or lags. This mouse is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

The M570 from Logitech will cost you a little under $30. It is one of the top-selling products with exceptional reviews from buyers. If the ratings are anything to go by, then this mouse is a good investment. The battery life, ergonomic design, and durability set the M570 Mouse apart from its competitors.


3. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Logitech M570

Logitech is a company that produces a wide array of electronic accessories. Their products include mice, keyboards, speakers, video conferencing aids like webcams, headsets, conference cameras, etc. Among these, they also sell tablet and smartphone accessories. The company strives to maximize the comfort and productivity of the user with essentials that ensure an efficient workspace.

This specific product in question- the Logitech M570, is a great mouse to go for if you’re looking for maximum comfort. If you’re worried about wrist pain, you’ll be happy to know that this mouse greatly reduces elbow/wrist movement. It puts the control under your thumb, so you don’t need to move your arm to move the cursor.

The ergonomic design and the sculpted shape of the mouse are ultra-convenient to support your hand during long hours of work. The trackball is super versatile, is highly precise, and you can use it anywhere from hard tables to lumpy beds and comfortable sofas. The scroll wheel and the back/forward buttons are very responsive and make control simple.

The back/forward buttons ensure quick access control that allows you to easily flip fast through web pages and documents. With the scroll wheel, you can quickly spin through long pages of documents and web pages and thus save time. There are programmable buttons, too, so you can customize them to perform basic tasks with one touch.

This mouse is convenient for saving desk space and fits well even in tight workspaces because it stays put in one place. With Logitech unifying technology, you can easily connect up to six compatible wireless devices such as keyboards, mice, and number pads. It has a 2.4GHz wireless connection that provides fast data transmission and virtually no dropouts/delays.

Another great pro is that it is powered by a single AA battery with a long life that lasts up to 18 months. Overall, this is a solid product that promises efficient performance and huge customer satisfaction. It is definitely a must-buy and undoubtedly one of the best mice for photo editing.


4. AmazonBasics Full-Size Ergonomic Wireless PC Mouse

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand that isn’t limited to a specific product/category. The brand produces various products ranging from kitchen gadgets to holiday gifts, household essentials, home office supplies, tech accessories, etc. In regards to electronics, their products include smartphones, cameras, tablet accessories, plus batteries, charging cables, and many more.

This full-size wireless mouse has a wonderful ergonomic design for right-hand users. It has a really smooth feel, and its gentle curved profile fits neatly in the hand and greatly enhances comfort. It ensures efficient and easy navigation through large web pages and documents.

This is made possible with the fast scroll wheel and the easy-to-reach forward/back thumb buttons. The scroll wheel has a nice textured feel to it, which is good for non-slippage when using it. The wheel function is not as impressive as the ones on more expensive brands, but it does a decent job.

The battery life seems good, with 2 rechargeable AA batteries. It includes a battery LED light and an on/off switch to extend battery life. The mouse has an optical sensor with 1600 DPI resolution that works well on most surfaces, even glass.

The laser sensor offers smooth tracking and high precision. It provides a 2.4GHz (non-Bluetooth) wireless connection, and it can easily be connected to an existing computer with its small USB receiver. The USB adapter can stay plugged into the computer without blocking other ports.

The mouse is compatible with Windows 7/ 8, and 10. The mouse offers a convenient plug-and-play set-up. With this, you can start using it right away without the need for a driver.

From the well-thought-out ergonomic design to the user-friendly controls, the wireless connectivity, and the durable battery life, this is a valuable product. It has a high-quality feel and is worth the money. For sure, it is safe to include the AmazonBasics full-size ergonomic wireless mouse among one of the best mice for photo and video editing.


5. Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse

Logitech company manufactures a large number of various tech accessories. The company produces electronics such as keyboards, mice, webcams, speakers, headsets, etc. It also produces accessories for smartphones and tablets. With its quality products, Logitech’s objective is to greatly enhance user comfort and work efficiency.

The Logitech G502 Hero is undoubtedly a high-quality mouse, and many customers have commended its overall capacity. It offers an incredibly comfortable shape for the right hand and ambidextrous users. One great point is that it features the next-gen Hero 16K Optical sensor. It is the highest performing and most efficient gaming sensor Logitech has come up with.

The sensor is super accurate and precise. It is highly sensitive to any movements and tracks on almost any surface. It offers precision tracking up to 25,600 DPI with absolutely no smoothing, acceleration, or filtering.

The mouse has programmable RGB lighting so that you can customize lighting from about 16.8 million colors. This is to personalize your mouse and sync with other G gear and is made possible by LIGHTSYNC technology and Logitech G HUB. Another winning point of the G502 Hero is the scroll wheel, which many customers have written positive reviews about.

The scroll wheel allows fast and infinite scrolling on large documents and web pages. It also easily increases and lowers the volume on YouTube or other video streaming sites. It is made of metal, which is so much better than plastic scroll wheels.

Besides the scroll wheel, the other buttons are super crisp and light. One con is the heavyweight of the mouse. With a more lightweight design, the mouse will be perfect for extended use and allow greater control.

The mouse also has an adjustable weight system. You can arrange up to five removable 3.6gm weights inside the mouse. You can customize them to be in the positions where you want less or more weight for balance tuning.

There are 11 programmable buttons, so you can easily customize them to perform common tasks with a single touch. Overall, this is an extremely well-packed mouse with a powerful combination of impressive features. These include the brilliant sensor and the infinite scroll wheel, for sure.

The Logitech G502 Hero is a must-buy and easily one of the best computer mouse for photoshop.


6. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

Logitech has been producing lots of great consumer electronic products. These have a great combination of wholesome features, which promise an amazing experience. This mouse is a testament to the kind of technology that Logitech produces regularly.

This gaming mouse can be customized easily with the use of 20 MMO-tuned buttons. These buttons are great for mastering control over your MMOs. This mouse works perfectly well with incredible accuracy in every task you’re doing.

This mouse has plenty of features to help you work efficiently. Its thumb panel design is innovatively designed so that misclicks are avoided at all costs. Developed with help from MMO game developers, this dual dish design also reduces action timings.

This mouse allows you to double the number of actions you can perform on a button with the G-Shift button. Also, you can set a maximum of 5 DPI levels per profile. Then, for precision’s sake, you can shift between them swiftly using a button.

This mouse has been deliberately designed to give your hand support through long hours of gaming. Each button has been crafted in such a way that click fatigue is almost nonexistent. Accidental clicks are also avoided, and productivity is not compromised too.

With this mouse, you can experience laser tracking of up to 8200 DPI with incredibly high precision. This mouse can last for long time durations because its braided USB cable has high durability. Also, each primary button has been thoughtfully rated to 20 million clicks.

There are some system requirements that have to be met for you to use this mouse. You need to have Windows Vista, 7, or 8, a USB port, and an internet connection for configuration software download. It processes images at a whopping rate of 11.25 Megapixels per second.

This mouse shall definitely not disappoint you because of its dazzling features. Hence, it’s safe to say that it’s a contender for the best wireless mouse for photoshop.


7. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker is an electronics company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. They have produced a lot of great consumer electronics, which have made many consumers satisfied. They are known for their reliability and affordability without compromising on the quality and service.

This mouse has an impressive ergonomic design, which is great for healthy neutral “handshake” wrist and arm positions. This largely means that movement is smooth, less strain for your muscles, and overall satisfaction. These advantages have the added advantage of improving your productivity and efficiency by exponential amounts.

This mouse has a fantastic optical tracking technology with a whopping 800/1200/1600 DPI resolution. This technology serves the amazing function of providing more sensitivity than usual mice. Thus, tracking becomes very smooth and accurate, and applicable on many surfaces.

This mouse comes with added next/back buttons to go forward or backward while browsing the web. These make web browsing more comfortable and convenient. This added feature makes work much easier for internet surfers, gamers, or people who work for hours at a stretch.

Because the makers of this mouse want it to consume less power, it’ll enter power saving mode after 8 idle minutes. You can easily escape this mode by clicking left or right on your mouse. If you’re bad with gadgets, you can easily plug in or solve problems yourself with the instruction manual.

Warranty service is provided for 18 months without any hassles. This is a great and helpful feature that you can avail of in case it gets spoiled prematurely. You can do lots of great things like dragging large amounts of data or gaming at a fast speed using this mouse. Thus, this mouse gives you effective solutions for many of your needs and work.

This mouse is compatible with multiple software like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Linux, and macOS X. It has the perfect size with dimensions of 120×62.8×74.8 mm and a weight of 3.4 Oz. This mouse has great features and hence, is one of the best mice for photoshop mac and windows.


8. Corsair Nightsword RGB – Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Corsair is an electronics company that strives to produce high-quality tech products. They manufacture keyboards, mice, headset, mouse mats, flash drive, CPU cooler, etc., to name a few. Let’s take a quick look at the features of the Corsair Nightsword RGB performance tunable gaming mouse.

This mouse is designed to provide maximum comfort for the user and ensures a higher capacity for longer, intensive work. It is built in a comfortable contoured shape designed to fit in your hand in a very natural manner. It has high-performance rubber grips, which gives a nice firm feel.

One good pro is the ten programmable buttons on the mouse. These buttons can be customized to perform common tasks with a single touch. The adjustable weight feature is impressive with Corsair’s exclusive software that allows you to adjust weight between 119g and 141g.

This weight tuning is made possible by two sets of weights and six mounting locations. This feature is great for fine-tuning balance according to your preference so as to perfectly fit your grip. The performance of the Nightsword RGB is amazing as it provides powerful precision with a custom Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor.

The 18,000 DPI sensor allows you to customize the mouse’s overall sensitivity and offers ultra-accurate tracking. It also gives you convenient control over four-zone RGB lighting. In addition, it helps in creating custom macros and allows you to calibrate your mouse to your playing surface.

Overall, the build quality and feel of the mouse are great. The large size of the mouse can either be a solid pro for you or a con, depending on your mouse requirements. The adjustable weight, the surface calibration, the ten programmable buttons, the cutting-edge optical sensor all together make for a brilliant mouse.

You’ll be making a wonderful investment with this product. It promises good work efficiency and high performance. It is for sure one of the best mice when it comes to image manipulation.


9. Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech is a company that designs and sells tech accessories. Their products include mice, keyboards, headset, among other things. This particular product- Logitech G300s is proof of the company’s goal to provide efficient, high-quality items.

Firstly, this mouse, from the name itself, suggests it is ideal for ambidextrous users. This will be perfect for left-handed people, considering the absence of mice catering to left-hand users. The mouse has a symmetrical compact shape that gives a comfortable feel for both left and right-handed consumers.

The size isn’t too large, so if that’s your preference, you can add this mouse to your list of considerations. The optical sensor on this mouse is great as it accurately tracks on various surfaces. It is also tunable to achieve the level of responsiveness you require.

There are nine programmable controls, which really helps with fast work efficiency. You can move keyboard commands to mouse controls that are only a touch away. This mouse is designed to give an ultra-fast gaming-grade performance, so speed and responsiveness are guaranteed.

There are three onboard memory profiles, so you can easily save gameplay profiles and access them on other PCs. The onboard memory also allows you to save specific mouse settings, shift to another computer, and still have the customized buttons work. At this price range, there are very few mice that offer onboard memory feature, so this is a huge plus.

It has a wide versatility with the DPI settings, from 250 DPI to 2500 DPI. Setting up this mouse is easy with Logitech Gaming Software. Overall, this is a very comfortable mouse and quite lightweight.

This mouse, as the name suggests, is not only perfect for gaming. It’s extremely efficient for intensive computer users and professionals. It is safe to say that thank’s to the added buttons it’s one of the best mice for video and photo editing.


10. TECKNET Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

TECKNET is an electronics company that specializes in producing a wide selection of tech accessories. Their products include keyboards, mice, laptop cooling pads and external fans, and USB adapters. Here’s a quick overview of the various features included in the TECKNET Bluetooth Wireless Mouse.

This mouse has a wonderful ergonomic contoured shape that truly helps in enhancing the user’s comfort. It provides a really good and natural feel to your hand. With this mouse, you can say farewell to wrist pain caused by long hours of working.

It works great on almost any surface, from a hard table to a soft fabric. This is made possible by the TruWave Precision, which offers smooth tracking on various surfaces. The mouse motion is also very smooth and precise. It has a long battery life of up to 24 months, powered by 2 AA batteries.

There is an indicator light to warn the user when it’s almost time to alter the battery. It also has an on/off switch and smart sleep mode to decrease power consumption and increase battery durability. The mouse is equipped with two additional buttons that greatly help in increasing fast work efficiency.

The forward/back buttons and app-switching button allows you to move from page to page and quickly switch between different programs. One of the winning points of the mouse is Bluetooth wireless connectivity. That, along with True Technology, the mouse works almost anywhere.

One con is that it is not suitable for left-hand use. Appearance-wise, the build quality seems quite nice, and the overall feel and accuracy are great. It has 5 levels of DPI selection: 800/1200/1600/2000/3000.

The most impressive and convenient feature is that you simply need Bluetooth, and the setup is done. You can easily connect to a Bluetooth-enabled PC or laptop without the need for a receiver. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, XP, VISTA, 2000.

Frankly, this is quite an amazing product you should consider. It houses a number of great features at such a reasonable price point. It is indeed one of the best mouse for design work.


What to Look For While Buying a Mouse for Photoshop?

1. Accuracy and Precision:

All of us want to complete our work or play our games as fast and smooth as possible. The same is true for mice too, which is a crucial tool in your user-experience. There are some parameters like intuitive thumb controls, MagSpeed scrolling feature, scroll wheel, etc., which are good measures of precision.

You can look if your mouse has front/back or gesture buttons and if they’re placed on ideal spots. This is one small feature that can make lots of difference to your user interface. Scrutinize every feature (or the absence of it) to make a more reliable and error-free purchase.

2. Ergonomic Design

The overall design of the mouse can have a huge difference to your user experience. For example, the ergonomic design fits the position of your palm and wrist perfectly. Getting a mouse with an ergonomic design can have great effects on your body health too.

It can minimize strains to your muscles and make your virtual movement smoother and faster. Thus, you can accomplish tasks at a faster rate and work more productively. Since the design can have big differences, it should definitely be a big priority for you.

3. Tracking Technology

Making tracking technology one of your top priorities can be a rewarding experience. For example, Optical Tracking Technology often arrives with an amazing resolution of 800/1200/1600 DPI.

Many tests and research have confirmed that this makes the mice much more sensitive and responsive to touches and commands. Also, this allows it to be used effectively on many surfaces, including glass.

Your pick?

While mice may seem not as important as keyboards or the CPU, they’re crucial and play an important role. Their importance goes beyond just the mere click and move. In fact, the design and the features of mice can have very strong effects on your user-experience.

Hence, you need to make your purchase, keeping in mind important factors that’ll lead you to the best mouse for Photoshop, hopefully. That said, the best Mouse for Photoshop is different for everyone based on what’s more important to you and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best mouse for office work?

Unfortunately, there is no mouse that can be called the best without it being very questionable. However, some important features like ergonomic design, fast scrolling feature, etc. are good for office work. Ergonomic design can help alleviate stress and muscle soreness from working long hours and laying hands on your mouse.

Q2. Are wireless mice better than wired ones?

Wireless mice are better than wired ones if you prefer complete freedom while working. However, wired ones perform better than wireless ones in terms of sensitivity and responsiveness. So, the verdict is still a contested one.

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