Best Monitors for CAD 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. LG 2. Asus 3. BenQ
Best Monitors for CAD LG 34WN80C-B 34 inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor with USB Type-C Connectivity sRGB 99 percentage Color Gamut and HDR10 Compatibility, Black ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV 24.1” WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 Monitor, 100% sRGB/Rec.709 ΔE < 2, IPS, DisplayPort HDMI D-Sub, Calman Verified BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P | Proprietary Eye-Care Tech | Ultra-Slim Bezel | Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality | Speakers | GW2480 Black

Using computer aided-design (CAD) softwares is a very demanding task that requires a very high computing power. But spending thousands of dollars on a computer and not buying the best monitor for cad is a tried and tested method of instantly setting yourself behind the competition imaginable in every way. 

The best cad monitors capable of displaying great details and display colors far more accurately than subpar monitors. This allows your projects to be more accurate, detailed, and free of errors. Investing in the best monitors for cad will boost your efficiency and productivity as well as not be harmful to your eyes.


This guide is specifically designed for assisting you in selecting the best cad monitor and consequently improving both your work’s efficiency and quality.

Top 10 Best Monitors For CAD 2021

1. LG 34WN80C

LG 34WN80C-B 34 inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide WQHD IPS Monitor with USB Type-C Connectivity sRGB 99 percentage Color Gamut and HDR10 Compatibility, Black

The LG 34WN80C is a 34-inch curved giant monitor available at quite a hefty price. Although the price may seem steep at first, the best cad monitors offer amazing features and large resolutions, which can easily justify this extreme price.

With a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels and a screen ratio of 21:9, the monitor can display every minute detail in great clarity. Along with the perfect resolution needed for perfection in cad projects, the monitor has a curved design that provides fantastic viewing angles essential in such a large monitor.

The monitor is equipped with easy to use USB type-C connectivity, an adjustable ergonomic height & tilt stand, and supports HDR 10. HDR 10 compatibility is an important element for CAD work. It allows the pixels to display a far wider range of colors and contrast. 

With thousands of very happy and satisfied reviews, the LG 34WN80C is undoubtedly the best computer monitor for cad for those willing to spend a hefty sum. On looking through the reviews and reports to find any possible flaw, we found that the monitor’s USB-C port malfunctioned at several instances and remained non-functional unless repaired.


  • 1440p monitor resolution – great detail visibility
  • Curved screen with excellent viewing angles
  • HDR10 and USB-C support available
  • Calman verified


  • USB-C port has been noted to malfunction repeatedly


 2. ASUS ProArt PA248QV

ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV 24.1” WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 Monitor, 100% sRGB/Rec.709 ΔE < 2, IPS, DisplayPort HDMI D-Sub, Calman Verified

As the name suggests, the ASUS ProArt is a 24-inch monitor designed especially for art, design, and many other forms of editing. Available at a very affordable price, the ASUS PA248QV is the perfect cad monitor for anyone on a budget.

With a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 and an aspect ratio of 16:10, this monitor is clearly sporting an unconventional screen size. However, the difference in the number of pixels becomes immediately clear. The display is not as sharp as a 1440p screen and may result in the loss of minor details. 

What the ProArt lacks in pixel count, it makes up for in color accuracy and contrast. It was tested to have 100% sRGB and a 100% color gamut, which allows the display to present each and every color possible in a vibrant manner and with beautiful contrast.

The PA248QV has received hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, making it a very worthy investment for anyone on a restricting budget. Although after looking through hundreds of responses to look for any possible hidden flaw, we found out that many users experienced dead pixels and a bleeding backlight in the monitor.


  • Affordable
  • 75 Hz refresh rate
  • 100% color gamut and sRGB
  • Easy to access front panel control buttons
  • Excellent variety in sizes


  • Reports of repeated pixel loss within a few days of regular use  


3. BenQ GW2480

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P | Proprietary Eye-Care Tech | Ultra-Slim Bezel | Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality | Speakers | GW2480 Black

The GW2480 by BenQ is a very affordable 24-inch monitor which offers promising features for an entry-level cad monitor. This monitor is among the most customizable cad monitors on this list as it is available in 7 different sizes and styles.

Available in sizes up to a 32-inch 4K display, the BenQ GW is the best cad monitor for anyone looking to invest in a product by a tried and true company. The large variety of sizes allows you to choose what you need and not waste budget on unnecessary features.

The monitor in its base variant offers a 24 inch, 1080p display at a standard aspect ratio of 16:9. However, the low resolution may  ruin the details necessary for a perfect CAD project.

Although the low resolution sours the deal with lost details and is not the recommended display for higher- level professionals, with several thousand reviews recommending the GW2480, it is clear as day that this monitor is a worthy investment for anyone looking to buy a cad monitor while maintaining their finances. 


  • Large variety in models
  • Very affordable
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Cable management friendly design
  • In-built speakers
  • Very thin bezels


  • Very low resolution for a CAD monitor
  • Smaller viewing angle


4. BP VH240a

The VH240a is a beautiful 24-inch display with some of the best non-display features among the cad monitors on this list. A stand that allows the monitor to be rotated and used in both landscape and portrait orientations is one of the major features not visible at first glance.

This monitor is equipped with a 24 inch, 1080p display, which can be a deal breaker if you’re looking to get pixel-perfect details. A low price can be blamed for this design choice, still this monitor is not recommended to anyone other than entry-level users.

As mentioned above, the monitor’s stand can be rotated from landscape to portrait mode. This allows versatility in use as a vertically oriented monitor is useful for seeing more vertical data without having to scroll. Along with this, the VH240a has a set of built-in speakers and both an HDMI and VGA port.

Although the monitor has a mediocre display, it is among the most popular monitors on Amazon. With tens of thousands of extremely positive reviews, it is clear that the VH240a is a very reliable monitor for entry-level cad projects.


  • Affordable
  • Can be rotated to portrait mode
  • 178° wide viewing angle
  • Both HDMI and VGA ports available


  • Low resolution – 1080p
  • Only 72% sRGB coverage


5. Philips 276E9QDSB 

Philips 276E9QDSB 27" frameless monitor, Full HD IPS, 124% sRGB, FreeSync 75Hz, VESA

This Philips monitor is a 27-inch monitor with minimal bezels and a very welcoming price tag for entry-level cad monitors. With its ultra-thin bezel design, the monitor functions essentially as a canvas with no horizons.

A resolution of 1920 x 1080, with 16:9 aspect ratio, makes this monitor a poor choice for the detail-oriented professionals. Hence, the monitor caters to entry-level designers. Although with a refresh rate of 75 hz, the Philips 276E9QDSB certainly packs a visual punch.

With an sRGB range of 124%, this monitor is capable of displaying one of the widest range of colors out of any monitor on this list. Along with a very wide color gamut, the monitor also supports freesync.

The Philips monitor has garnered thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and is clearly a very safe investment for anyone looking to buy the best computer monitor for cad at a decent entry-level price.

Although the monitor has excellent features for its price, after a lot of digging around in the reviews, we found out that several buyers faced the issue of a flickering screen soon after initial use.


  • 75hz refresh rate
  • 124% sRGB range
  • Freesync support
  • Very affordable 


  • Low resolution – 1080p


6. AOC C27G1

AOC C27G1 27" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor FHD 1080p, 1800R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync, DP/HDMI/VGA, Height adjustable, VESA, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixels,Black

The C27G1 by AOC is a large 27-inch curved monitor with extremely thin bezels. This monitor has top of the line specifications for its mid-range price. With these specifications, the C27G1 is one of the best monitors for cad drawing available at a budget-friendly price.

With just an average resolution at 1920 x 1080, the monitor loses out on smaller details for other features. Although the resolution may be low, the AOC monitor is equipped with a whopping 144 Hz refresh rate screen. This screen makes every animation feel smoother and far more accurate.

Apart from the beautiful screen, the monitor’s body is designed in a manner that allows maximum adjustability. Its stand is height adjustable, which makes it possible for the buyer to stand and work. 

With tens of thousands of positive reviews from satisfied buyers, the AOC C27G1 is the best monitor for cad work available at a mid-range budget. The C27G1 is also available in dozens of different styles and sizes. Although after looking through several reviews to find any hidden flaw in the monitor, we found out that the support for subpixel illumination may result in distorted text.


  • 144 Hz display
  • 1ms input lag
  • Adjustable height
  • Mid-range budget
  • Available in many customizable sizes and styles
  • Curved display – great viewing angles


  • Low resolution – 1080p


7. SAMSUNG C27F398

SAMSUNG LC27F398FWNXZA SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor

The SAMSUNG C27F398 is a beautiful 27-inch curved display with a very attractive price. The monitor offers a beautiful display full of details and high contrast colors. All these features available at such a low price is a fantastic deal for entry-level designers.

The monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is just not enough to display a level of detail required by high ranking professionals. Instead, this monitor is more geared towards beginners and entry-level enthusiasts. Its refresh rate clocks in at an average 60 Hz.

Apart from the display’s specifications, the monitor’s body is a beautiful matte black, and its stand is tilt adjustable. The curved screen allows better viewing angles and a more immersive experience.

With several thousand positive reviews by thousands of satisfied customers, the C27F398 stands apart from all competition. Clearly, it is a worthy investment for beginners looking to buy the best monitor for cad drafting. Although after looking through hundreds of negative reviews, we found that the SAMSUNG C27F398 suffers from the use of cheap materials.


  • Curved display
  • Affordable price
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Immersive experience


  • Flimsy materials
  • Low resolution for professionals


8. LG 27MK600M

LG 27MK600M-B 27" Full HD IPS Monitor with Radeon FreeSync Technology and Virtually Borderless Design

The 27MK600M by LG is a 27-inch display available at a mid-range price. At this price, the technology offered in the monitor is not as good as offered by some other monitors. All this culminates in the monitor not being a good choice for high-level professionals.

Available in multiple different styles and with different peripheral combinations, this monitor is quite customizable. The biggest issue with the monitor is its 1080p resolution, which is just not enough to capture details on a very small scale.

The monitor is LCD and hence does not have great viewing angles. The absence of an IPS panel makes it difficult to view the screen unless you are right in front of the display. However, the monitor does support Radeon Freesync.

With hundreds of positive reviews recommending the 27MK600M as one of the best monitors for cad work for anyone on a mid-range budget, it is clear why this monitor makes a cut into the list of best cad monitors.


  • Radeon Freesync
  • Mid-range affordable budget


  • Outdated LCD display
  • Low resolution 
  • Bad viewing angles


9. ViewSonic VP2771

ViewSonic VP2771 Professional 27" 1440p Monitor USB Type C 100% sRGB Rec709 14-bit 3D LUT Color Calibration for Photography & Graphic Design

The ViewSonic VP2771 is an expensive 27-inch monitor with a beautiful screen that displays vibrant colors with deep contrast. The high price is justified by the extensive list of features offered by this monitor.

A resolution of 1440p makes this monitor perfect for looking at small details in a large picture. This allows high ranking professionals to get the best details in their cad projects. Accompanying this ideal resolution is a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Not only does the panel display clear and sharp images but it is also equipped with a 100% sRBG range. This provides a very wide color range and delivers a visual experience far and beyond any previous expectation.

This monitor is equipped with a handle that can pivot, tilt, swivel and be adjusted for proper height. It also has excellent connectivity ports and comes with a USB type C connector.

The monitor has been termed as stunning by hundreds of buyers and is clearly the best screen for cad. After looking for negative experiences, we found out that in some cases buyers experienced the MST functionality not working as intended and turning itself off even after turning it on multiple times.


  • 1440p – perfect resolution for cad work
  • Large 27 inch display
  • 100% sRGB range
  • Excellent stand with multi-directional movement/rotation


  • MST functionality may be faulty



ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS 75Hz Adaptive-Sync HDMI D-Sub Frameless

The ASUS VA27EHE is the best monitor for cad drafting available at a very budget friendly price. This 27 inch monitor sports a borderless design with extremely thin bezels on three of its edges. It is also available in 5 other styles and sizes.

This customizable monitor in its base variant is equipped with a 1080p screen. The screen’s resolution is not enough to display the smaller details required to make a high level cad project, hence this monitor is better suited for amateurs and entry level professionals.

Not only is the monitor’s screen efficient at displaying vibrant colors, it also supports adaptive-sync and a refresh rate of 75 hz. Although the monitor’s stand is not as adjustable as some others’ on this list.

With several thousand overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, the ASUS VA27EHE is clearly a worthy investment for entry level professionals and anyone looking to buy the best monitor for cad drawing as their first monitor.

There are several negative reviews regarding the monitor’s narrow color range, which are very alarming.


  • Budget friendly
  • Very thin bezels
  • 75 Hz refresh rate


  • 1080p – low resolution for cad work
  • The color range is not very wide


Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Monitors For CAD

1. Resolution And Refresh Rate

A monitor’s primary function is to display images, and your monitor’s resolution determines how good the display will look or how sharp the pictures it produces are. For CAD projects, the perfect resolution is 1440p, and the minimum acceptable resolution is 1080p. Anything below 1080p will reduce your project’s integrity, and anything above 1440p will only improve your experience.

The refresh rate determines how many times in one second the picture on display will update. A higher refresh rate monitor will feel more smooth and fluid. 

The physical size of a monitor does not determine its resolution but is an important factor when choosing the right monitor as extremely large monitors can harm your eyes. As a rule of thumb, for a 32 inch monitor you should at least sit 90 cm away from the screen.

2. Stand Design

The stand of a monitor can have a profound effect on your health. Maintaining a proper posture while using a computer is essential as having the wrong posture can cause several health related issues in the future.

To make sure that this is not the case, buy a monitor with a stand that can be swiveled, pivoted and adjusted for height. This will allow you to adjust the screen according to your head’s position.

Some stands allow the monitor to be rotated to portrait mode, this setting can be especially helpful when viewing lists.

3. Connectivity And Other Features

A monitor’s connectivity will determine if it can connect to your computer and transfer data at an acceptable rate. Last generation connectivity technologies are not capable of making use of modern technologies. 

Hence, without modern connection ports like USB type C and HDMI 2.1, you may not be able to access every facility your monitor can provide. 

Many monitors are equipped with an inbuilt speaker system. While these speakers are not as loud or effective as discrete speakers, they are infinitely better than no speakers. 

4. sRGB Range 

sRGB range of a screen determines the range of colors that can be displayed on the monitor. The wider the range, the more colors your monitor will be able to display. Doing CAD projects requires you to be precise with colors and a wide range of colors will help you in doing so.

A monitor with a minimum of 100% sRGB range is acceptable for CAD drafting. Anything lower will not only be not enough for professional work but will also be a major hindrance to meaningful progress.

5. Budget

The best monitors for CAD work can be extremely pricey and for most people, paying this absurd amount for a monitor may not be feasible or even necessary. Look for a monitor that is equipped with only what you truly need. Extra features may prove to be useless until much later in your career.

Use the money saved here to buy better components for your computer so that it’s able to handle larger projects when necessary.  

A Final Word

Buying the best computer monitors for cad is an integral part of setting yourself ahead of the competition. These monitors support high resolutions, higher refresh rates, display colors accurately and allow your CAD drafts to be far more accurate than the competition.

Failing to buy the best monitor for cad design within your budget will cause setbacks in the future that can have drastic effects on your career. Everything in a CAD project needs to be perfect and the best cad monitors help you in achieving this perfection.

While the higher end monitors have an extensive features list, they are also very expensive. Unlike other items monitors for CAD are a very important investment in your career so shelling out an extra hundred dollars may benefit you in the future. Even so, always remember to stick by a planned budget and save as much as you can.

Remember to keep the above factors in mind before you shop for your new monitor. These factors will allow you to narrow down the extensively wide list to a few good choices. Not knowing what you need can lead you to buy the wrong display, which  may not be upto your professional standards.

FAQs on Monitors for CAD

Q1. What Should I Look For In A CAD Monitor?

There are several factors one must keep in mind when buying the best monitor for CAD. Some of the most important factors you must look out for are-

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Pixel density
  • Wattage
  • Panel type 
  • Viewing angle
  • Response time
  • Refresh rate

Keeping the above factors in mind before purchasing any monitor will help you determine if the deal is worth taking. These factors also determine how your experience after buying the display will be.

Q2. Are Curved Displays Good For CAD?

In curved displays, the experience of any user depends on the viewing angle and monitor placement. This is especially true for CAD work as curved monitors allow a more immersive experience which is only possible with the correct monitor placement.

Since the monitor has a curved screen, it distorts straight lines and this may be distracting for younger AutoCAD designers. That being said, curved monitors are a perfect display choice for high level professionals who can take the monitor’s curve into account.

Curved monitors are also extremely popular in dual monitor setups. Since the curves of the monitors align with each other, the experience becomes far more immersive than a single monitor.

Q3. What Resolution Is Required In CAD Monitors?

The best resolution for working on a cad monitor is considered to be 1440p. At this resolution, details are far more visible and this reduces the chance for any form of error. Lower resolution monitors cannot display very clear images and hence it becomes far more difficult to pinpoint any error you may have committed.

Q4. Should I Get A 27 Inch Or A 32 Inch Monitor?

Buying the right sized monitor is a very subjective choice. Before buying a monitor, you must make sure that you can maintain enough distance between yourself and the screen to protect your eyes. 

Sitting too close to a large monitor can have extremely negative effects on both your eyes and your neck. As a general rule, for every 10 inch diagonal screen of a 1440p monitor you should maintain a distance of 1 feet from the display.  

This distance depends on the monitor’s pixel density, and monitors with lower resolution require you to maintain more distance from the display.

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