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As creative professionals we use tech on a daily basis to create content. Often we have used sub-par tools that can hold back our skills. We believe the best hardware blends in the background and lets us get in the flow to help us achieve max efficiency. This is why we set out to create a solution – A place that curates the best tools for content creators. The result was OhYeahCAD.com , a website to help content creators whether beginners or professionals to find the best hardware like CPUs for video editing and graphic tablets.

Our Team – The people who make it all happen.

ARLENE LISTER | Designer, Tech Enthusiast

Editor-in-chief for OhYeahCAD.com , Arlene is a 35 year old designer who loves all things art. She has years of experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and 3D Printing. She has a strong understanding of the technology that helps us create our art whether it is 3D Printers, Computers or even the professional accessories we use every day for our art tools. Over the years she realized that there is a lack of proper guides when it comes to hardware that is designed specially with professional design work in mind. Sub-par hardware can hold back your creative skills which is why Arlene writes buyer’s guides meant to help all design professionals make the proper choice when it comes to design gear. You will find her listening to country music and cooking when she’s not at work putting together awesome buyer reviews.

TREY MILLER | 3D Modeling Wizard

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Trey is our resident CAD Expert. AutoCAD being one of his favorite tools, he has remarkable 3D modeling experience. With a firm grasp on engineering principles, design standards and calculation methods he is able to figure out how to get the most of the hardware that he is working with. This experience has allowed him to write about hardware that’s best for the job. Trey also loves drawing and writing when he is not working on CAD projects. Manga style art being one of his favorites, he has used many graphic tablets available in the market although he considers the iPad to be one of the most convenient tools for his casual drawing sessions.

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