Best Affordable 3D Printers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Dremel2. EasyThreed3. Creality
Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer Best Affordable 3D PrintersEasythreed Nano Mini 3D PrinterOfficial Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

3D Printing is one of the latest additions to the technological arsenal of humankind. Even though 3D printing is still a comparatively pricey technology, many vendors are selling basic 3D printers.

These 3D printers are often used to create DIYs and models. If you are creative and often think outside the box to build innovative models, getting a 3D printer is the best thing you can do to boost your imagination. In this guide, we’ll help you give a form to your creativity by listing the best affordable 3d printers.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing A 3D Printer

1. Type Of Printer

3D Printers are of various types. The machines that are used in professional engineering usage differ from those that are used in the field of medicine. One of the main differences is the resin type. The process of printing also varies with the machine. Some of the most popular machine types include SLA, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling, Digital Light Process, etc.

If you want a professional level modeling and rendering printer, you’ll have to choose a high-end model. However, these printers usually cost a lot more than regular 3D printers.

2. Printing Speed

It is not news that 3D printing is not a fast process. However, some machines enhance the speed of printing by maintaining the printing bed hot for a long time. These printers usually speed up the process by about 1.25 to 1.5 times. High-end printers typically take as much time as regular printers but produce better models.

3. Printing Quality

It goes without saying how much the printing quality matters. Printing quality usually includes many factors, such as the machine’s noise, model smoothness, rendering quality, and edge quality. Usually, some machines can’t handle sharp edges and will break the resin often.

Make sure that the printer you want to buy doesn’t have any such issues. Some printers are also quite noisy when printing. If you’re a person who prefers to work in peace, you’ll have to spend a little more and get a 3D printer with noise reduction features.

4. Build Volume

Not all 3D printers are of the same size, and hence the build model varies from one printer to the other. If you are purchasing the 3D printer to build DIYs and other small models, buying a simple 3D printer would save you a ton of money.

3D printers with a large build volume usually take more time to render the model since the simulation surface will be more. Time taken to print the model may also be relatively higher for complicated models.

5. Affordability

3D printing became accessible to the normal public only a couple of years before and is still under development. The things you can make with a 3D printer are virtually limitless. The price of a 3D printer depends on various aspects such as the build quality, render quality, build volume, time, etc.

If you are on a budget, make sure that you choose a 3D printer with just the essential features. Once you get acquainted with using 3D printers, you can go for pricier, better models.

Top 13 Best Affordable 3D Printers 2021

1. Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer Best Affordable 3D Printers

Dremel Digilab 3D printer is one of the few inexpensive 3D printers on the market. The rendering quality of the printer is fantastic. The printer is highly reliable and is built with high-quality materials.

The 3D printer has additional safety features, along with all the features of a regular printer. The non-heated build plate makes sure that the model’s base won’t be damaged by extra heat. For safety reasons, the printer supports PLA only printing. Moreover, the printer is tested vigorously and is approved by many 3rd party firms.

One of the best features of this 3D printer is the support it offers to beginners. If it’s your first time using a 3D Printer and is not sure how to design and print models, you can download samples from the internet on the machine itself and print them. This will introduce you to the 3d printing process and will help you optimize your designs better the next time.

Operating the 3D printer is quite simple. An LCD touchscreen is provided for the users on the machine for easy navigation. You can adjust various printing parameters in the touchscreen. The full-color touchscreen makes it easier for beginners to get started with printing.

3D20 is wholly enclosed. The enclosure ensures the printing process goes smoothly without any external disturbances. The best thing in this 3D printer is the PLA filament. PLA Filament is plant-based and offers a better and more natural texture than the artificial filaments.

The post-purchase support by the manufacturer is fanatic and is sure to attract many customers. The manufacturer provides a free cloud-based slicing software. You can slice your models using this software and get them ready for printing on your computer. Once you finish uploading the models, you can then download them on the printer itself and print directly without any mediating devices.

The printer has a UL safety certification. You can continue the printing even at night since the stabilizers inside the printer Will always maintain a constant current.

The printer costs around 670 dollars and is an excellent asset to creators and dreamers. 3D20 is undoubtedly one of the best budget 3d printers in the market.


2. Easythreed Nano Mini 3D Printer

Easythreed Nano Mini 3D Printer

Easythreed Nano has a classic 3d printer design. The printer has a white finish and looks glossy from a distance. The printer’s build volume is not much, so you won’t need more storage space to place it.

The printer has a single nozzle. The nozzle has high precision and a decent Roque. The nozzle’s intake speed is not that high but is reasonable enough for the printer’s price. The printer uses the most popular FDM technology and makes models with astounding quality.

The main filament in this 3D printer is the plant-based filament. This plant-based filament produces models of better texture and quality and is environmentally friendly. You can make various DIYs and nature-friendly models with this 3d printer.

The build plate in the 3D printer is magnetic and can be removed from the printer. Once the magnetic plate is removed, the printing will be stopped, and the resin is cut off. This makes sure that you can take the finished model outside the printer in a simple way.

The slicing software in this 3D printer is self-made and cannot be bought individually. The slicing software also offers a lot more features than a regular printer.

If you’re looking for a decent 3D printer under 200 dollars, this is the best affordable 3d printer for you.


3. Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

Official Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

Creality 3 3D printer by the Comgrow store is entirely open-source and can be used by anyone without a license. The many features of this 3D printer make it one of the best affordable 3d printers in the market.

Ender 3 3D has a decent printing time, which is reasonable for its low cost. The bed of the printer takes around five minutes to reach 110 degrees.

If there is a power cut when using this machine, the printing process continues from the last point. This feature ensures that you won’t have to build the same model again and again.

Ender 3 3D has an upgraded extruder. This upgraded extruded ensures that the connection to the external source like power remains safe. The 3D router r has a unique V-shaped body. Wheels are given along with the product and can be installed by the user directly.

Using this 3D printer is quite simple. You have to input the design into the printer through the cloud storage or an external device. Once the model is uploaded in the printer, using the navigation panel, select the various options on how you want the print to be.

After you’re done, select print and the model will be ready to collect in a few hours. The total time is taken to complete the entire process usually depends on the model size, quality, and the printer itself.

After analyzing the user reviews, we found that the printer is fantastic and works just as expected. Many students reported that they can now complete their projects in time with models from this machine.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution, this is the best affordable 3d printer in the market.


4. JGAURORAo Upgraded A5S 3D Printer

JGAURORAo Upgraded A5S 3D Printer

JGAURORA is one of the most trusted brands of 3D printers in the market. This AS5 3D printer is among their best models. As the name suggests, the regular build size of the models on this 3D printer is of the A5 paper size.

The printer has excellent user support. It has a touchscreen navigation panel that helps you adjust the settings easily. You can also change the leveling features that usually are not so easy to adjust.

One of the main attractions of this 3D printer is the 32-bit intelligent motherboard. The motherboard optimizes the printing speed and makes sure that every component is delivering its best.

The 3D printer can resume printing if it is interrupted during the process. You don’t have to worry about power cuts or SD card cracks with this 3D printer. You can use the resume print and the filament sensor features to change the printer’s filament color.

Usually, it is not possible to print models of varying colors with printers in this price range; however, you can do that in this printer. Installing this 3D printer is quite simple.

The printer comes as three big modules. You can fit all the modules together using the tools that come with the product. If you’re not sure how to install the printer, refer to the guide that comes with the product. Even beginners can complete the installation at a reasonable pace.

The BDG heated platform in the printer ensures the safety of the printed model. You can easily remove the plate from the printer once the model is complete. The tech support of the manufacturer is also quite good.

The tech representatives will guide you through the process if you’re facing any difficulties. The support is available throughout the week. After analyzing the user reviews, we found that the printer’s models have a fantastic texture and usually feel natural. Some users reported that the printer is more durable than expected and is very satisfied with the overall product.

If you’re on the search for a reliable and dynamic printer, this is the best affordable 3d printer in the market.


5. ELEGOO Mars Pro MSLA 3D Printer

ELEGOO Mars Pro MSLA 3D Printer

ELEGOO MARS PRO is one of the most advanced 3d printers in the market. The printer has a unique design with a red cover. The printer is completely encapsulated by the red cover for increased rendering quality.

Unlike the other models we discussed, this 3D printer uses more accurate LCD UV Photocuring. Using the UV light makes the models more uniform and will also ensure that the base of the model remains stable throughout the process.

The printer comes with a small silicone rubber seal. You can insert the seal at the printer’s bottom to prevent the resin’s odor from leaking. The rubber seal also blocks some of the printer’s noise and makes the whole process a bit more soundless.

The printer uses a matrix LED light source for printing. The matrix has around 28 50 Watt UV bulbs. The light emission from all the bulbs is uniform. The use of a matrix light source saves approximately 25% of your time in printing. Moreover, layering also takes much less time than it usually takes.

The printer is optimized for usage for both beginners and professionals alike. The touch screen panel makes navigation in the machine simple. The interface also has a dark theme, which doesn’t put too much strain on your eyes.

The resin container in the printer is upgraded for easy usage. An alloy of aluminum is used to build the new container. This new container is light and sturdy and is easy to fill.

The printer also has a built-in active carbon filter. The carbon filter absorbs all the potentially harmful gases and makes sure that the printing remains safe.

If you’re looking for something around 259 dollars, this is the best affordable 3d printer in the market.


6. Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Monoprice Select is one of the best 3D printers in the market. The Mini version of this popular series is available for everyone at a much lesser price and with the same reliability. The mini 3d printer comes in two colors: black and white. Both models look fantastic and have a similar performance ratio.

One of the winning features in this 3D printer is the support for all filament types. The heating bed and the extruder can reach very high temperatures and can work with almost any filament type generally used. You can even work with wood and metallic filament types, usually available only in high-end printers.

The mini 3D printer is compact and is made for modern desks. The frame of the printer is relatively small and is very light. You can place this 3D printer on almost any desktop and still have some space left.

Another exciting feature in this 3D printer is that it comes completely assembled. Most of the 3D printers usually come in two or three parts. However, if you are a beginner, building those parts can be quite a challenge for you. This 3D printer also comes calibrated at the factory, so you don’t have to be an expert to start using this product.

The 3D printer also has an innovative cooling system that protects the device from any internal damage. You will also get additional items like a microSD card with preloaded models. If you are new to the world of 3D printing and would like to get started immediately, you can start by printing the pre-loaded models directly. Once you get some experience, you can figure out how to design later.

If you are a beginner and want to get into the world of 3d printing, this is the best inexpensive 3d printer for you.


7. Easythreed Mini Toybox 3D Printer

Easythreed Mini Toybox 3D Printer

Easy thread Mini Toybox comes in two dazzling colors: orange and white. Both variants look sleek and modern and occupy very little space on the desk. Once you receive the printer, you will have to assemble it. Assembly won’t take long, and all the required materials are given with the product.

The printer is made with a high-grade ABS shell. ABS shells are generally used to make endurance equipment such as helmets, guards, etc. The printer is capable of enduring more than a few knocks. If properly taken care of, it will last for years to come.

The slicing software in this printer is pretty simple to use and easy to figure out. You can even teach your kids how to use that software easily using the manual. The filament used in the 3D printer is made with PLA material. It is plant made and is non-toxic, unlike many other artificial filaments. You can even let your kids do the printing by themselves with this filament.

Taking the model off the printer is relatively easy too. The magnetic plate in the printer can be easily removed from the side. Once you remove the bed, you just have to bend it, and your model will pop off the bed. Ensure that the model is in your hand, or else it might break when you are removing it.

The 3D printer also has a pause feature. You can pause the printing by pressing the START key one time. However, you can use this feature to pause for no longer than 10 minutes, or you will have to start the whole model over.

You can also stop printing something by pressing the START button for more than three seconds. You cannot go back to the previous state once the printing stops, and you will have to start over the model again.

The stop and pause features will help you identify a mistake in the design or the printing process. One of the significant disadvantages of this printer is that it only supports printing with one filament feed. You cannot print in multiple colors with this 3D printer.

If you are looking for a beginner’s 3D printer, this is the best cheap 3d printer in the market.


8. Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer

Creality Ender is one of the best 3D printers in the market. It is used in many schools and research institutions as an introductory professional 3d printer. It has many features that put this 3d printer on par with the professional standards and is easy to use.

The heating bed in this 3D printer can reach its heating temperature in just five minutes. This will speed up the printing process significantly. The machine is completely safe from any voltage spikes and current outbursts. If the printer is interrupted when a model is being printed, the printing process will continue from the previous layer. This saves you a ton of time, as power cuts can get annoying when the model is almost done.

The printing stability of the device is significantly improved compared to the previous models. The fan, which was previously in the control box, is now moved to the bottom to provide reliable cooling. The stability of the Y-axis is also enhanced, making the models uniform and accurate.

The Brand power supply delivers an incredible amount of power to the machine quickly. This will speed up the printing process significantly while maintaining the quality of the model. The high power supply will help heat the bed faster during extensive printing sessions.

After the printing is done, you can easily remove the magnetic pate model without using any spatula or a blade. The 3D printer comes with an 18-month limited replacement warranty and lifetime technical support.

After analyzing the user reviews, we found that the printer is quite durable and produces astounding quality models. Creality 3D also has large online communities that can help you if you run into a problem with printing.

If you have a budget of around 250 dollars, this is the best budget 3d printer for you.


9. Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

Dremel Digilab printers are one of the most reliable low-cost 3D printers in the market. They are used on a professional scale in many industries, including mechanical, electrical, and other engineering and medicine fields. The fully enclosed design of the printer offers superior safety and ensures that toxic gases of the resins won’t reach you.

The printer uses PLA only resin. PLA filament is made from plants and is completely safe to use even by children. The printer uses innovative slicing technologies that increase the accuracy of the model. The models feel very realistic and have a great texture.

The printer supports almost all of the computer-aided designs. If you don’t know how to design yet, you can download the free models from the internet and print them right away. You can download the models from cloud services directly on the printer, making the whole process a lot simpler.

The full-color LCD touchscreen makes it easier to use the printer. If you ever used a touchscreen phone or a laptop before, it won’t be hard to figure out how this 3D printer works. You can adjust various printing settings in the touchscreen interface itself.

The best feature of this 3D printer is that you can run it overnight without worrying about any damages. The printer has a UL certification that says that it is completely safe to leave the printer running overnight.

Dremel provides you a one-year warranty that is applicable all over the world. The customer service of Dremel is also fantastic, and the representatives are quite knowledgeable. The only disadvantage with this printer is that you can’t print multi-color models.

If you are looking for a printer under 650 dollars, this is the best 3d printer for the price.


10. QIDI Technology X-one2 3D Printer

QIDI Technology X-one2 3D Printer

QIDI Technology X-one2 3D printer can be used for both professional and regular usage. The printer is compact and light in weight. It can be carried around easily in a car. The printer has a multi-color finish and looks sleek and funky.

The extruder is one of the most impressive parts of this feature. The printer has only one extruder. However, the extruder is strong and has a high torque. It can reel in the filament pretty quickly and speed up the printing process by a lot.

With QIDI technology, you don’t have to worry about the filament clogging inside the extruder. The heat in the extruder maintains a good flow of the filament and ensures that the clogged filament will melt off easily.

Using this 3D printer is quite simple. You Can control most of the printing process in the touchscreen panel on the printer. The full-color touchscreen panel also makes it easier for beginners and hobbyists as navigating in it is much simpler than a traditional control panel.

The post-purchase support from the manufacturer is good, and the team usually replies within 12 hours. The experts are quite knowledgeable and will help you fix your problems with the printer quickly.

After analyzing the user reviews, we found that the models made using this printer has a great texture and look fantastic. One of the top stories includes a family building a Lamborghini car part-by-part to surprise their father. This story got a lot of attention and made this printer quite popular among YouTubers and DIY artists.

If you have a budget of around 250 dollars, this is the best low-cost 3d printer for you.


11. Monoprice 121711 Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Monoprice 121711 Select Mini 3D Printer V2

Monoprice 121711 is one of the best models from the manufacturer. This mini 3D printer is compact and fits on almost any desk. The printer works with practically any kind of filament, thanks to the heat bed and the extruder. Both of those parts can reach extreme temperatures that will allow them to process any filament. You can even use hard filaments like metals and wood to create models, which are quite rare in 3D printers in this price range.

The open-frame design makes it a great addition to any desktop. Even though an enclosed design has its advantages, you can see the printing process and make any adjustments quickly if something goes wrong with an open-frame design.

The printer comes assembled completely. If you are just starting to use 3D printers, this pre-assembly shipping will save you a lot of time figuring out how to fit the parts. The printer is also calibrated in the factory itself. With Monoprice 121711, gone are the hours of agony trying to adjust the y-axis to stabilize printing.

The printer comes with a microSDTM card. This card is filled with preloaded designs for quick printing. You can insert this card into the printer to download the designs and print them quickly without making any adjustments. These designs are intended to help you get started in the world of 3D printing.

If you don’t have much experience using 3d printers, this is the best cheap 3d printer 2019.


12. ANYCUBIC Photon Zero 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC Photon Zero 3D Printer

ANYCUBIC printers are popular worldwide and are used by many schools and institutions to introduce students to 3D printing. Photon Zero from ANYCUBIC has an enclosed design that protects the models from any external disturbances.

You can start the printing process after just a few minutes of turning the printer on. It usually takes around five minutes for the printing bed to heat up. Once the bed heats up enough, the printer will start rendering your model.

Photon Zero has a 16x anti-aliasing function. This feature makes sure that even the subtlest details in a model are accurately rendered and printed. The models’ quality will be better than a regular FDM or a standard resin printer.

The printer is equipped with a UV cooling system that will enhance the working condition of the printer. The lifetime of the printer is also extended a lot, thanks to the effective cooling system. The resin can be easily seen from outside without taking the cover off. This helps you identify if the printer is running low on resin and refill as soon as possible to continue the printing process.

If you are a student or a hobbyist who just started using 3D printers, this is one of the best budget 3d printers for you.


13. Upgrade Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer

Upgrade Creality CR-10 V2 3D Printer

Creality CR-10 V2 is one of the most advanced models by the manufacturer. The printer has an open-frame design that lets you see everything that is going on in the printer. One of the best features of this printer is the self-developed motherboard.

This 3D printer uses a motherboard exclusively designed by Creality. This motherboard suppresses the noise that usually comes out of the printer usually due to processor functioning. The motherboard enhances the processing power of the printer and makes it virtually noiseless.

The printer has a Meanwell power supply. The power supply maintains the safety of the printer by regulating the input voltage. The printer has a thermally-efficient bed heater. The bed heater usually warms up within minutes of turning on the machine and will be ready to print the models.

To increase the efficiency of the cooling system, Creality installed a new dual-end heat dissipating system. This heat-dissipating system regulates the whole machine’s temperature from both sides and ensures that the printer’s interiors are safe from overheating.

The fascinating feature of this 3D printer is its design. The printer has a golden triangle design, which increases both the machine and the model’s overall stability. The triangle locks the model once the printing starts and won’t let any external disturbances disrupt the modeling process.

Creality-10 V2 has a power resume feature. This feature will come in handy if there’s a power outage in the midst of printing. Once the power comes back on, the printer resumes the printing from the previous layer. This will save you a lot of time, as printing will consume a lot of time from the beginning.

If you are looking for an advanced and precise printer, this is the best affordable 3d printer within 500 dollars.


FAQs On Affordable 3D Printers

Q1. Are Cheap 3D Printers Any Good?

Inexpensive 3D printers are suitable as far as they fulfill your requirements. However, be careful. Some vendors try to pass defective products at low prices. So if you’re planning on purchasing an affordable 3D printer, make sure that the manufacturer is trustable.

Q2. What Should I Know Before Buying A 3D Printer?

You should be familiar with any CAD technology to design the models, types of 3d printing, factors to consider when purchasing a 3D printer, etc.

Q3. Is Owning A 3D Printer Worth It?

If you don’t want to limit your imagination to just a paper, 3D printing is worth it.

Best Affordable 3D Printers – Conclusion

3D printing is still a developing technology. It is truly unique how creative people can get when given the right materials, and 3D printing is one such gift to humanity. If you are considering purchasing a 3D printer, there is no better time than now to bring your imagination to life.

Make sure that the 3D printer you want to buy is as good as the models mentioned above, and you will be one step closer to realizing your dreams.

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