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2DFillet for SketchUp from Cadalog is a bit different from other fillet scripts. For this script, the edges can meet at any angle. They can be on a surface or oriented in 3-space. They can form a closed loop or a connected path. There can be multiple loops and paths. Lone unconnected edges are ignored. The only restriction is that the edges you want to fillet meet at a vertex that does NOT intersect any other edges. Download the fillet.rb file and place it in your Plugins folder.


3D Fillets Blocks 3D Fillet Blocks makes filleted blocks, with arbitrary width, length, height, and fillet radius. The edges have a quarter-circle bevel, and the corners have a quarter-dome cap.
There are three special cases: a filleted panel with half-circle beveled edges, a filleted "post" with dome caps, and a sphere.
Menu Items:
Draw -> Filleted Block
Draw -> Filleted Panel
Draw -> Filleted Post
Draw -> Sphere
Download the fillet3D.rb, place it in your Plugins folder. Access the Fillet items from the Draw menu.

Slots slot.2.rbs will draw an oblong slot according to width and length you specify. The ends are filleted according standards. This beta version inserts the middle of the slot at 0,0,0. You will need to move and rotate the slot manually. Furthermore, the slot is not grouped. Download and place the program in your \Plugins folder. The program is called solt.2.rbs. Then launch SketchUp and go to the Tools menu to access it. Download
Cgrid Cgrid is a Construction Grid program for SketchUp Pro. The program uses Cadalog,Inc.'s UI utility tool called wxSketchup.so. The plug-in requires SketchUp Pro. Once the zipped files are copied to the \Google SketchUp 6 (or 7)\Plugins folder, you can access the application by loading SketchUp and picking the Draw pull-down menu. Download
Involute Gears Create 3D true involute gears in SketchUp. This program will create involute spur gears with or without shaft keys. Download and place the program in your Google SketchUp 6 (or 7)\Plugins folder. The program is called gear.3.rbs. Then launch SketchUp and go to the Tools menu. You will see both Involute Gear and Key Involute Gear options. Be aware - the involute gears get placed at 0,0,0. They are grouped so you can move and rotate them. Push/pull on the face to make them 3D. Download

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